Clavelina: Fundamental care to maintain this flower

For many people, the carnation is a must-have plant in the home, and it’s no wonder. Apart from that Carnation care is not complicated at all, its flowering makes it one of the most popular houseplants. It is discreet and small, but its beauty is truly impressive. In addition, it is a constant and generous vegetable that we can admire from spring to autumn, weather permitting. Why should we give up this beautiful plant?

In this article we will explain what the carnation is and what care this beautiful flower requires. We will talk about the location, irrigation, fertilization and pruning of the carnation so that you can enjoy it in your home.

What is carnation?

The carnation is very versatile

Before talking about carnation care, let’s first learn a little more about this flower. It is a herbaceous plant that receives the scientific name Dianthus chinensis. It comes from China, Korea and Mongolia. Therefore it is not surprising that it is also known as “Chinese carnation”. In addition, the fact that it is such a geographically dispersed plant indicates that it is extremely versatile. It has a very good tolerance towards heat and cold. For this reason, the carnation is an ideal plant to have outdoors, not to mention that it is one of the best options if we want a vegetable that resists throughout the year.

Dianthus chinensis is the scientific name for carnation
Clavelina: Fundamental care to maintain this flower

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