The flowerpot or growing of vegetables in pots

Hello! My name is Ana and from today I will talk to you about seeds, irrigation, plants, pests, remedies, fruits … and flowerpots. The flower pot It is one of the latest urban trends in home gardening. It’s about cultivating potted vegetablesforming a small garden in your own home. You don’t need a lot of space: a balcony, a terrace or even an interior corner, as long as it is airy and sunny, can be used for your planter, which will be as large as the surface you set for it.

Growing them is not difficult. It is a matter of choosing a species, planting and watering. The vegetables They are very grateful, their growth is fast and in a couple of weeks they already bear fruit: cherry tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, aubergines, cucumbers … They are somewhat smaller than commercial ones, but in return, they have a lot of flavor.

What do you need a flowerpot?

  • Seeds or saplings (small plants), which you can buy at a garden center. If they are seeds, be sure to plant them in the right season. If they are seedlings, you will have to transplant them when you get home.
  • Land (try to buy it also in a specialized store, there are bazaars that sell potting soil, but they are very poor land)
  • Pots. The plastic ones are better, since the planter carries a lot of movement of plants and transplants, and they are more comfortable to handle. For plant the seeds Until the first sprout (seedling) is born, a yogurt container with four holes in the base will suffice. For the seedlings and plants, one of intermediate size, about 11 l.
  • Water. Always water them from above, never by immersion, as the roots rot easily. The earth has to be moist, but not waterlogged. And, unless it is midsummer (like now), once every two / three days is enough.
  • And Sun. Fundamental. Without sun most vegetables will not grow.

And that’s all to start with.

In my house we started with a little cherry tomato plant. When it started to bear fruit, with those sweet tomatoes, we thought it would be fun to have a lettuce and cut leaves on the salad. We bought a seedling and in a couple of weeks, we had a beautiful lettuce that, leaf by leaf, was falling, always fresh and crisp. Then came the cucumbers, peppers, aubergines and aromatics: parsley, basil, mint …

It takes some dedication, but it is very satisfying to watch your own fruits grow at home and eat tasty vegetables from your own harvest.

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The flowerpot or growing of vegetables in pots

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