Inexpensive and hardy indoor plants

Some plants adapt to any environment, their maintenance is very simple and, the best thing, we will not have to make a large investment to fill our house with color. If we decide to include one of these small specimens in our home, we will respect some basic and common rules for all of them. We will look for a well-lit location, but away from the direct rays of the sun. We will try that the leaves do not rub against the window panes, as they could act as a magnifying glass causing serious burns. On warmer days, we will place a plate full of water and stones or gravel under the pot. This is the best way to maintain the moisture needed by flowering plants without rotting the roots.

The Primula obconica

Although there are certain varieties that stop blooming in late spring, Primula obconica will continue to do so until mid-summer. It forms a uniform rosette of rounded leaves covered by a soft fuzz. The large, fragrant flowers in various colors grow in clusters on stems up to 12 inches tall.

Inexpensive and resistant indoor plants - La Primula obconica

Impatiens walleriana

The Impatiens walleriana is a fast-growing species with small but abundant flowers, single and double, in white, red, or violet. Very easy to care for (the cuttings take root even in water), it is not usually affected by pests, except for mites. The joy of the house flourishes best when the roots are slightly tangled. Therefore, we will change the pot in spring only if it is saturating the capacity of the container.

With small leaves and white or purple-pink flowers, the heather ( Erica gracilis ) is a subshrub that in the pot does not exceed 45 centimeters. We will find it in spring and winter. Occasionally it can decorate a warm interior, but if we do not return it to a cool room soon, it will start to throw the leaves.

Inexpensive and hardy indoor plants - La Impatiens walleriana

Chrysanthemum indicum

The Chrysanthemum indicum is a dwarf species with a compact habit and pale yellow flowers that appear between autumn and winter or at the beginning of summer if it is now subjected to forcing based on low lighting. But as soon as its first cocoons appear, we will let it receive as much clarity as possible.

Inexpensive and hardy indoor plants - Chrysanthemum indicum

The Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

The blossfeldiana Kalanchoe is a herbaceous perennial bush, erect bearing, whose fleshy leaves form a beautiful background for flowers, tiny and bright colors in red, yellow, orange, etc. Its best presentation is achieved by forming groups in terrines or baskets.

Inexpensive and Hardy Indoor Plants - The Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Cape Violet

Of South African origin, the Cape violet ( Saintpaulia iohantha ) produces long-lasting violet-like flowers and velvety, heart-shaped leaves. The tiny size of some hybrids makes them suitable for small environments, such as shelves, tables, windowsills, …

Inexpensive and hardy indoor plants - Cape Violet

Christmas plant

Many of the plants that are sold as the Christmas flower are a closely related species, sometimes called the Thanksgiving flower or plant, because it usually blooms a few weeks before the Christmas flower. Both types bloom in response to cold temperatures and the short length of the day. In fall, keep the plant in a sunny, cool, frost-free location until you see the flowers begin to develop.

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