How to create a flowerbed for the garden


If you have a garden one of the things you can create is a flower bed. A grouping of flowers that grow more or less to the same height and that will brighten the place with their colorful petals, at the same time that they will attract beneficial insects, such as bees or elegant butterflies.

But how do you do that? In other words, what steps do you have to follow to be able to enjoy them? Well, it’s very simple: you just have to keep reading. When finished, you will know how to create a flower bed for the garden .

Choose the plants

The first thing to know is what plants do we want to plant in the garden. There are a wide variety of them that produce beautiful flowers, but not all have the same blooming season or the same size. To make it easier for us, we can be guided by these suggestions:

Plant Features Flowering season
Cosmos Flowers


Annual herb that reaches a height of 1 meter. Its flowers are yellow, purple or white. From spring to fall.
Dianthus caryophyllus flowers

Dianthus caryophyllus (carnation)

Perennial herb that reaches 60cm. Its flowers are red, pink, white, salmon, yellow or bicolor. From spring to fall.

digitalis purpurea (foxglove)

Biennial herb that reaches a height between 50 and 100cm. Its flowers are white, cream, orange, red, purple and pink. Spring (six weeks).
Group of geraniums in bloom

Pelargonium (geraniums)

Perennial herbs that reach a height of about 60cm. Its flowers are white, pink, red, lilac, purple. Spring and summer.

portulaca grandiflora

Annual herb that reaches a height of up to 15cm. Its flowers are red, yellow, orange, white, pink. Summer.
Orange flower primrose

Primula acaulis

Perennial herb grown as an annual that reaches a height of about 30cm. Its flowers are pink, orange, yellow or white. Primavera.
Rudbeckia hirta

Rudbeckia hirta

Perennial herb that reaches a height of 50-90cm. Its flowers are yellow or golden, with a purple-brown receptacle. Summer.
Saponaria officinalis in flower

saponaria officinalis (soap herb)

Perennial herb that reaches a height of 50cm. Its flowers are white, pink or yellowish. Summer.
Tagetes flowers

raised roofs (carnation from India)

Annual herb that reaches a height of up to 30cm. Its flowers are yellow or orange. Summer and autumn.
Verbena flower

hybrid verbena

Perennial herb that reaches a height of up to 50cm. Its flowers are pink, white, lilac or red. Late spring to early fall.
Lilac zinnia

Zinnia elegans

Annual herb that reaches a height between 15 and 90cm. Its flowers are yellow, orange, white, red, pink, purple, lilac or crimson. Summer and autumn.

Decide your location

Flowers in a garden

Flower beds look good almost anywhere: next to the paths, at the entrance to the garden, as isolated groups located in different areas of the land, near the big trees, in that special area where the family spends pleasant moments,… How can it be really difficult to decide where to go? to put, the ideal will be to make a very simple draft on paper.

We draw the different areas of the garden and the groups of plants that there are. So we can know which gaps have been left empty and decide. Once we have done it, we will only have to delimit the area before planting, for example, with a rope and several stakes.

Plant the plants

Orange flowers in a garden

Now it’s time to give color to that solid future. It is time to plant the plants taking into account the size they will acquire once they have finished growing. This means that they should not be planted close together, but not too far apart. It is best to place them at a distance of at least 3-5cm. In this way, they will be able to grow without problems.

Put an anti-weed mesh

Green anti-weed mesh

A flowerbed has to look spectacular, now and forever, so wild herbs don’t have to be able to germinate, at least in this area. So, after planting, what we will do is put a anti-weed mesh. How do you do that? Very easy: We place the mesh on the plants to see where we have to cut, and then we place it on the ground holding it with, for example, stones. So that it does not look bad, then we can cover it with decorative stones or pine bark.

Thus, we can enjoy an incredible floral massif.

How to create a flowerbed for the garden

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