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Generally, we know that plants need multiple care and nutrients. Within these cares, solar rays have been part of those measures necessary for the effective development of plants.

This works to a great extent, however there are plants that do not need of this kind of care. They are called azaleas to those garden plants that do not need sunlight for their effective development.

What kind of plant is the Azalea?

different types of azaleas

Likewise, these plants grow more effectively in the shade.

The Azaleas they are bushes of leaves of approximately 1m. Its flowers tend to appear in the summer and spring, with multiple colors, such as red, pink and white. Their leaves are of the evergreen typeas well as they can also be presented in a simple way or in a double way.

This article will present some interesting facts about this plant generally used for the garden, precisely in those places dominated by the shade. Aspects such as your basic definition, part of your care and some considerations about its cultivation.

Azaleas are garden plants, which tend to thrive in abundant environments with plenty of shade.

These shrubs can serve as an accessory for those areas in which the shade does not allow the plants to develop. The color of your flowers will determine the meaning with which they are given away, such as, the color red can mean revengewhile the green color can imply a lie, an implicit intention … etc.

To all these, the meaning of the flowers is not relevant, because, in any case, the flowers turn out to be one of the most attractive factors of this plant.

Azaleas care

The care of this plant is not usually very complex, therefore, within these we can contemplate:

One of the main considerations for your care is the moisture and is that their soils must be kept as humid as possible, so that it can develop effectively. Likewise, it should be taken into account that The plant or the flower of the Azalea should not be watered. The water must be supplied through the plant’s watered soil.

During the summer, the frequency of watering the plant should be increasedsince at this stage, water is essential for the survival of this plant.

A very appropriate method for the hydration of the plant is to place a plate with water as a base for the pot of this plant, which should be changed three times a dayand, at the same time, it must be taken into account that the plant deserves rest periods for water consumption, therefore, it must be taken into consideration that excess hydration can be detrimental to the stability of this plant.

azalea plant care

They must avoid high temperature areasTherefore, we must choose places of humidity, in which the plant receives artificial lighting, so that it does not run the risk of drying out.

For watering the plant, it is more recommended use rainwater instead of water from the pipe, which offers the plant better nutrients, apart from that it must be fertilized at least every 15 days, being the soil compost.

Azaleas are very particular thanks to the fact of growing under the shade. However, there are multiple classes of plants that, like the Azaleas, prefer the environments free from sunlightin such a way that azaleas are just part of the catalog of home plants.

Likewise, the Azaleas can make combinations between themselves and it is that if the user manages to mate different flower colors on this plantyou will be able to appreciate a unique and unrepeatable model in your garden, in such a way that the accessory roll can potentially increase.

Azaleas, despite not needing sunlight, need constant care.

Azaleas for Shaded Gardens | Gardening On

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