When To Plant Petunias: How And When To Plant Petunias And Their Care

Among the most common flowers that decorate our gardens and terraces are petunias. These are part of the Solanaceae family and have more than 23 different species. We can find petunias of different shades and colors, from white to purple to red. To help you grow these beautiful vegetables, let’s explain when to plant petunias so they can get all the sun they need.

The reason why these annuals are so popular is because of the vividness that the colors of their beautiful and peculiar trumpet-shaped flowers transmit. These are not only unicolor, but there are varieties whose flowers are bicolor with gradients or stripes. Without a doubt, petunias are very beautiful plants that will embellish our surroundings. Not only will we explain when to plant petunias, but also we will also talk a little about your care so that you can enjoy these wonderful flowers.

When is petunia season?

The best time to plant petunias is in February and March.

In the event that we want to grow our own petunias, there are several things we need to know beforehand. When to plant petunias? Where to do it? How to carry out this task? What’s more, we must be aware of the care that these plants require, which we will discuss later.

Petunias are flowers that require a lot of light, so we can see them in all their splendor in summer. Therefore, they will have to be sown before this season arrives. But when to plant petunias? The best time for this is between the months of February and March, once the frosts so dangerous for the vegetables have ceased. This is very important, because petunias do not tolerate cold very well, and even less so if it is intense.

However, we also have the option of planting these pretty flowers in winter. In this case, it is imperative to do it in pots that we will keep inside the home. Once summer has arrived, it will be time to transplant them to a planter outside or directly on the ground of the garden, where they can show off their beautiful colors along with other summer vegetables. Of course, we must leave a separation of at least thirty centimeters between them.

How to plant petunias?

Now that we know when to plant petunias, let’s briefly explain how to do it. Since the seeds of these vegetables are very small, we must sow very carefully to prevent them from falling too close together. To do this we can use tweezers and plant several in the same place. Of course, it is important to leave about twenty centimeters of space between seed and seed.

Once we have planted them, it is time to wet them. But be careful, if we pour water directly on them, they will most likely end up moving without respecting the separation that we had left between them. Therefore, the best way to moisten the seeds is by using a spray bottle. Then we must cover the seedbed or the pot with a transparent film. In this way the humidity is conserved. It is also very important to place the container with the seeds in a well-lit place for about a week.

Where to plant a petunia?

It is not enough for us to just know how and when to plant petunias, but we must also know where to do it. As we have already mentioned above, these flowers are sun lovers. The flowering season of the same begins in May and lasts until October, occupying therefore the whole summer. For this reason, we must place them in very bright places where they receive direct sunlight for four to five hours a day.

Although it is true that they can also grow in partially shaded places, as a consequence they will have much fewer flowers. What’s more, their color will be more intense the more sunlight they receive. Another advantage is that they last longer once autumn arrives.

In addition, it is important to avoid locating them in areas with a lot of wind. We must also bear in mind that rain is not good for petunias. We must always keep in mind that They are very fragile plants and their flowers are damaged very easily. when the meteorological factors are very aggressive. So choosing a sunny, well-protected location is essential for petunias.

Regarding the substrate, these plants require good drainage since their roots do not tend to be too deep. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the soil must be very rich in nutrients so that these flowers can grow and develop properly.

What care do petunias need?

Petunias can be planted in winter if the pot is kept indoors

When we already know when to plant petunias, how to do it and where to locate them, it’s time to get down to work. Once we have done this task, we must maintain and care for these vegetables so that their petals look good and healthy. In the first place we will comment on the payment. This should take place from spring to late summer, as this is when the petunias are in full bloom. It is important that the fertilizer is rich in phosphorus for petunias to grow more vigorously. The frequency should be once every one to two weeks.

As for temperature, petunias are quite sensitive. As we have already mentioned before, they do not resist low temperatures very well and wind and rain can damage their petals. These vegetables prefer warm climates whose temperatures range between 16º and 25º degrees. Also, we must remember that they require several hours of direct sunlight each day. It is also important to remove withered flowers for good maintenance.

Lilac flower petunia

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How to care for petunias

Finally we have to talk about the irrigation of petunias. This must be done on a regular basis. When it is hotter, watering should be more intense but without flooding to prevent roots from rotting. In colder times it can be more discreet. The important thing is that the soil remains moist.

Despite being quite demanding flowers, it is well worth growing them because they are truly spectacular. Now that you know how and when to plant petunias and the care they require, don’t hesitate to try it.

When To Plant Petunias: How And When To Plant Petunias And Their Care

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