Growing and caring for spinach

Spinacia oleracea

If you are one of those who like to eat vegetables and also want to save a little money, How about the idea of ​​growing your own plants? It is an incredible experience, very rewarding, with which you will not only learn by enjoying yourself, but you will also get an edible reward for your work.

One of the easiest horticultural plants is the spinach. You can grow it in the garden or, if you prefer, in a pot. And with a rapid growth rate, it will be ready to harvest in just three months after planting. Learn how to take care of it.

Spinach seeds

spinach seeds

This is an annual plant that is recommended sow in springjust after the risk of frost has passed. It is very sensitive to cold, so if you sow it before, it is most likely that it will not survive unless we protect it with a transparent greenhouse plastic, or inside the home in a very bright room. So, the first step to getting our own vegetables is to go and buy an envelope with seeds sold in garden stores or nurseries.

Once at home, it is advisable to put them in a glass of water for 24 hours. This way we can determine which are viable and which are not. The ones that will serve us will be the ones that sink. Those that float can also be sown – sometimes nature can give us the odd surprise – but apart.

Spinach sprouts

spinach sprouts

As it is a plant that is not demanding at all, we can use substrate composed of black peat alone, or mixed with 20 or 30% perlite. Of course, by growing fast and having a high germination rate, we will put no more than 3 seeds in each seedbed so that when we have to ring it, it will be much easier for us to do it successfully.

We will put the seedbed in an area exposed directly to the sun, and we will water it so that the substrate remains humid, but not flooded. Thus, in the course of a week to ten days they will begin to germinate. When the shoots are about 10cm high, they can be transferred to individual pots or to the garden.where they will be planted in rows leaving a distance of at least 30cm between plants.

And, as we said, in just three months you will be able to use its leaves to accompany your dishes .

Growing and caring for spinach

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