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When you have plants in the garden, or fruit trees, the last thing you want is for birds to “attack” them and you will be left without flowers or fruit. For this, scarecrows are used. Not only in cultivated fields, but also in a decorative and effective way to keep birds at bay.

But When you decide to buy one, do you know what to look for? What are the main features? Don’t worry, we help you choose the best one for your garden. Keep reading!

Top 1. The best scarecrows


  • Standing scarecrow.
  • It can be hung.
  • It has a nice design.


  • It can be small.
  • It doesn’t move easily.

Selection of scarecrows for the garden

Here we leave you other scarecrows that may be suitable for your garden or growing area.

EMAGEREN 4 PCS Scarecrow Doll

It is a set of 4 scarecrows about 36 centimeters high each. They are different from each other but they all have hats, clothes with buttons, bow ties, etc. They can be stuck into the ground thanks to their stick (which is what gives them that length, actually the doll itself is much smaller (possibly not reaching 20 centimeters).

scarecrow doll

Available in two colors (and as a girl and boy doll), you can have a approximate size of 40 × 20 centimeters. It is ideal for pots or small garden areas because it is not too large to protect large places.

vocheer 2 Pack Scarecrow with Stand

each scarecrow measures approximately 40 cm tall. They are made of cloth and hay so that they look pretty, but at the same time they serve to keep birds away from the growing area or garden.

IFOYO Scarecrow

According to the description, it is a set of 2 dolls to keep the birds away. They have a bamboo cane to be able to nail them and the rest is made of cloth and hay. What changes is the face, which in this case resembles that of a pumpkin.

IFOYO Autumn Scarecrow 2 Pack

It is a set of two scarecrows with a white face (like a ghost). They are about 90 centimeters tall and have the traditional shape of a scarecrow.. They come with bamboo sticks to be able to nail them, either to the ground or to a pot.

Scarecrow Buying Guide

Let’s start from the fact that it is not very common for you to go to a store to buy a scarecrow. Actually, if you do it, it is usually around Halloween time to decorate the garden. But yes that They are sold and their function is to scare the birds so that they do not perch on the trees, bushes or the ground, staining it or pecking where they should not.

When buying a scarecrow, there are several factors that you should take into account, such as the following:


In the market you can find several types of scarecrows that are used to keep birds away from the fields and gardens. The most common are the following:

  • Traditional Scarecrows: They are the best known and used. They are made of a wooden or metal structure in human form, dressed in old clothes and straw.
  • Scarecrow with light: They are similar to the above, but are equipped with flashing LED lights to scare animals away.
  • With sound: These make sounds that mimic bird predators, such as birds of prey. That if the sound can be annoying.
  • Scarecrow with movement: These scarecrows have a mechanism that allows them to move and flap automatically, which is effective in keeping birds away.
  • Flying scarecrows: Designed to imitate flying birds of prey, such as the eagle or the hawk. They are hung with ropes and moved by the wind, generating a movement effect of a flying bird.


In general, scarecrows are made of wood, metal or cloth. When buying one, it is important to choose one that has durable and weather resistant materials.


You want to make sure the scarecrow is the right size for the area you want to protect. A scarecrow that is too small will not be as visible as a larger one, while one that is too big might be too flashy and not as effective as you might think at first.

Price range

The price of a scarecrow varies depending on several factors, such as size, material, design, and additional features. In general, simpler scarecrows tend to be lower in price than scarecrows with more advanced features, such as lights or sounds.

For example, in the case of a traditional scarecrow, we could talk about between 10 and 50 euros more or less. If it is one with led lights, sounds, or flying, then the price can go up to a range of between 50 and 100 euros or more.

Where are the scarecrows placed?

The natural location for a scarecrow is farm fields or gardens as its goal is to keep birds away. In the fields they are usually placed in high places so that they are visible from afar. And they even put more than one to cover more land.

In the case of a garden, these are always placed near those parts where you do not want birds to disturb. Obviously, other techniques can also be used, such as plastic tapes or wire threads to create reflections and movements that scare them, or use devices that emit sounds or lights.

Where to buy?

buy scarecrow

buy scarecrow

Now that you know everything you need to know to buy a scarecrow, the last question you may have is where to buy them. You could even create one yourself out of old clothes and straw.

But if you don’t want to do that “craft”, here are several places where you could get one.

The Amazon

We are not going to tell you that it has the same articles as for another more well-known category, but Among the models and products that it has, you will surely find the one that best suits you.

Of course, be careful with the prices since sometimes they are somewhat raised compared to buying it outside the online store.


In the case of Aliexpress, the scarecrows that you find are many, including some that you may have seen on Amazon. The The price is much cheaper, although sometimes the wait can be a month.

Nurseries and garden stores

The last option is to go to nurseries and garden stores in the area (or even online) to look for those scarecrows. It is possible that they have, but also that do not have these items (usually they are replaced by other systems to scare birds away).

Do you already know which scarecrow you are going to choose?

Guide to buying a scarecrow that works

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