How to care for a garden at home

person working in the garden

There is nothing like growing your own food. The flavor it has cannot be compared to that of the same fruit or vegetable bought in the supermarket. And the thing is, the care that you can give it is not the same as that received by those that are later sold in these types of places, with the exception of those that sell only organic products.

The experience is much more rewarding when you can do it from your own home. And, do you know the best? You don’t need to have a very large piece of land to do it. In reality, pots or planters will suffice. So, discover how to take care of a garden at home and you will see how you can have a very good harvest -almost- for free.

What do I need to make a garden?

Direct sun

Vegetable garden at home

garden at home

Horticultural plants need to be in a sunny exposure to be able to grow, otherwise they will not be able to develop well.


Essential for watering plants. The water needs of the horticulturals are very high, so that it may be necessary to water them once a day.

Organic fertilizer

bat guano

bat guano

As they are suitable for human consumption, it is important to pay them with organic, such as “dry” food scraps (lettuce, husks, coffee and / or tea grounds, etc.) or wood ash. Other options are the manure, guano and earthworm humus. Use liquid fertilizers if you are going to grow your plants in pots, to avoid worsening the sewer system.

Earth or containers

You can plant your vegetables directly in the field if you have it, or choose to use pots, planters, recycled buckets, tires, …

Don’t grow more plants than can fit in that space. So the ones you have can give better and bigger fruits.


Tomato garden

tomato garden

To keep the stems from twisting, there are plants like tomatoes that need a little help. Put stakes or canes on them so that they can support the weight of the fruits.

How do you take care of yourself?

As follows:

  • Irrigation: it has to be very frequent, especially in summer. Don’t let the soil stay dry for long.
  • Subscriber: throughout the growing, flowering and fruiting season you have to fertilize them once a week or every 15 days.
  • Pruning: there are some plants, such as tomatoes or peppers, which can be pruned to bring out new branches and, consequently, new fruit. You have more information by clicking on them.
  • Pest protection: if they are well watered and paid, it is difficult for them to have problems, but I recommend doing preventive treatments with neem oil y potassium soap (do not mix them: use one once and the following month the other) during warm months to avoid the appearance of pests
  • Remove the wild grass: better known as weed. Its roots take away the nutrients from your vegetables, so you have to pull them out by the roots.
  • Attracts pollinating insects: bees for example, will pollinate flowers. Plant some flowering plants, such as daisies, The nasturtiums or geraniums to get an interesting amount of fruits.

Urban garden

Urban garden

Enjoy your garden .

How to care for a garden at home

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