Do you want to know what is the difference between lime and lemon? Find out !!

lime cut in half next to a lemon on a white background

Both lemon and lime they are part of the same citrus family and they are quite similar, yet they are very different from each other. The lime is known by its scientific name Citrus aurantifolia while lemon is known as citrus lemon.

One of the most noticeable differences is its size, lemons are larger than limes, which are usually smaller. The taste is also very different in both citrus fruits. In lemons the taste is usually somewhat sour while in limes, the taste can be both sweet and bitter.


sour fruit of a green color on a white background

sour fruit of a green color on a white background

Lemons are generally oval in shape and limes are slightly rounder. Nevertheless, there are some limes that look similar to lemon. One of the characteristics that both fruits share is their vitamin C content, although in the case of lemons, vitamin C is twice as high as that of lime.

To know in detail which are the differences between these two citrus fruitsit is necessary to break down each one individually.

Lime or green lemon

Es native to the Asian continent and the first time it was taken to Europe was during the Crusades, specifically at the time when the importation of species and products from North Africa and the Middle East began by a group of entrepreneurs.

The lime is a small fruit and its juice is consumed while the fruit remains green. One of the most striking characteristics of the file is that when maturing, its color changes from being green to a more yellow tone when it completes its maturation.

Inside we can find many seeds and the amount of juice will depend on the species of lime, although most of the time it does not contain much juice. The taste is usually acidic with a quite pleasant aroma and it is used mainly in the production of drinks and cocktails.

Most of the time lime juice is often excessively acidiccausing that sometimes it has to be cut with the help of a little sugar.

properties of green lemon and peelproperties of green lemon and peel

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Lemon is a citrus fruitLemon is a citrus fruit

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In countries like the United States, the lemon is known by the name of Lemon. Its place of origin has not been determined exactly, however, many believe that lemon comes from China and from southern India.

This variety of citrus fruits were imported to Italy for the first time during the 1st century AD specifically when the Roman Empire reigned, however the culinary use of this fruit was not as extensive.

The lemon began to be used more often in the middle of the XNUMXth century and was introduced in America thanks to Christopher Columbus. After that, the lemon was grown in the California and Florida regionswhere the largest plantation of this citrus fruit in the United States is located.

The fruit of the lemon Tree It is not usually as acidic as lime, its flavor is a bit sour but sweeter and its aroma is more intense. Citric acid content is lower than that of lime And when it is used in the culinary field, such as in the preparation of lemonades, it does not require as large a quantity of sugar to diminish the strong flavor as in the case of limes.


Lemons on top of a table

lemons on top of a table

Both fruits are used especially for the preparation of a large number of cocktails and drinks, but also It is used in the culinary field and as a household cleaning product.


The lemon is used a lot to place it in salads, fish and various types of meats, the lime is used in a similar way in meals. The same way, you can make a wide variety of desserts such as ice cream, cookies, cakes, cakes, meringues, among others.

Cocktails and drinks

Both lemon and lime juice are used as the base of many drinks with or without alcohol. I know they can combine both fruits to achieve a characteristic flavor.

Other apps

Lemon is widely used as a home cleaning product, especially because it cuts grease and is perfect for eliminating bad odors inside the home. In medicine, lemon is ideal for the manufacture of medicines for the treatment of sore throats and irritations.

Do you want to know what is the difference between lime and lemon? Find out !!

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