How to buy repellents for rabbits

repellents for rabbits

Imagine your garden. You have a small garden where you have planted some vegetables. And when you check, you find that they are chewed, there are holes and a small tail appears hidden by the bushes. Do you need rabbit repellents?

If you do not want a rabbit to ruin your orchard or your gardenand at the same time not harm them, how about buying a repellent for these animals? We discover some information that you should keep in mind about them. Check out.

Top 1. The best repellents for rabbits


  • Ultrasonic repellant.
  • It is charged with sunlight.
  • It works both day and night.


  • The bindings are flimsy.
  • If there is no sun it does not charge.

Selection of repellents for rabbits

If the first option is not the one you like, we can always give you other products that serve as repellents for rabbits. Discover them.

Vitax Stay Off Animal Repellent Repellents and Training Aids

Ideal for lawns and keeping rabbits out of the garden. Have a unpleasant odor for the animal, that makes it go to another place, but in the human case it is not like that. It protects for 6-8 weeks and also has nitrogen to help plants grow healthy (and nourished).

Liquid repellent for rabbits and hares

It is sold as a concentrated behavior modifier. It is a barrier that will prevent rabbits and hares from approaching where this product is. To use it, you have to dilute 1 liter of product in 20 of water and apply it to fruit trees, orchards, etc. It will last between 3 and 5 weeks.

BIOSIX Conejex Plus Appetite Reducer Method Barrier Effect for Rabbits and Deer

It is a concentrated repellent that will protect plants and crops but will keep rabbits, deer, hares, roe deer and other animals away from the area. Have protective barrier effect and poison is not suitable, so you will be sure that it will not kill the animals.

solar sound repeller

In this case it is a solar sound repellent for rabbits, hares, weasels, squirrels… Detects animals at an angle of 120º and about 8 meters to produce sounds and lights that can scare them such as gunshots, barking dogs or eagle screeches (at night it only flashes light).

granulated repellent for rabbits

It is a product that serves to protect crops and keep rabbits at bay. grainy in appearance, it is cast along the plot or gardenas well as on plants to prevent these animals from approaching.

It has a usability of one to two months, depending on the rain. And in case you have animals like dogs or cats, it will not be toxic if they eat it.

Rabbit repellent buying guide

Having an Rabbit infestation coming into your garden and ruining your plants or vegetable garden is no fun. Not much less. That is why, sometimes, you have to set limits and these with repellents for rabbits can be efficient.

But how to buy one? What should you focus on? Here are some details to keep in mind.


In general, for rabbits, there are two types of repellents, the smell and the taste. In other words, what can be done is put a repellent whose smell they dislike; or one that, when eaten, they do not like. In this second type you must be careful because some may contain poison to end the rabbit plague, and others may not.

Besides, you could also opt for the ultrasonic repellents. It is not usual in rabbits, but some can do a good job against them.

Price range

We are not going to tell you that it is an expensive product, because it is not. Usually the price is between 8 and 30 eurosalthough you can find more expensive (and also in larger quantities). Even so, the usual products that are sold are usually in that price range.

What smells do rabbits hate?

Many of the repellents for rabbits are based on odors that these animals do not tolerate. But what are those?

Generally, perfumes, the smell of menthol or even cat repellents They are options that you can take into account since rabbits can’t stand those smells. But neither cloves, lemons, or foods that are spicy (such as habanero peppers, jalapeños, chili, chilli…).

How to make a homemade repellent for rabbits?

Now that you know what odors rabbits hate, how about making a homemade repellent? Instead of buying it, you can easily make it at home.

For this, you will need the following: dish soap, water and an ingredient that rabbits hate.

The ratio is as follows: heat 4 liters of water and add 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and the ingredient that rabbits hate.

Once it boils a little, turn it off and let it cool. Then pour that water into a can with a gun and spray the areas where you do not want rabbits. In this way, when they smell it, they will leave that place.

Another option is to use vinegarsince it works for some people, although the normal thing is to do the previous mixture.

Where to buy?

buy repellents for rabbits

buy repellents for rabbits

We have nothing against rabbits, but there is no doubt that sometimes you have to keep them away from your garden, especially if you have a vegetable garden. So, how about we help you find out where you can find this product?

The Amazon

We started with Amazon because that’s where more you will be able to find repellents for rabbits. In fact, although in some cases the prices are more expensive than if you look for it outside, it becomes a good option because you don’t have to look any further.

Of course, in the search it is very common that you not only get repellents for rabbits, but also for other animals and also specific products for rabbits (shampoos, insect repellents for rabbits, etc.). So you must filter the search yourself.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin we have looked for what they have on repellents and we have found them for dogs, cats, insects, mosquitoes… but not for rabbits themselves. We do not know if one that makes rats flee would work, but what is directly for rabbits they do not have any product.

Garden stores and nurseries

The last option that we propose is to buy them in gardening stores and nurseries. Especially in the latter since they usually have specialized products to keep certain animals at bay (rabbits, moles…). Of course, they will only have a brand or two at most, and there will not be much to choose from.

How to buy repellents for rabbits

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