Removable pools: The best on the market and buying guide

Removable pools offer many advantages over traditional ones

With the arrival of heat, many people dream of having a swimming pool. The problem is that they are usually very expensive and difficult to maintain. In addition, they occupy an important space also in the coldest times of the year, when we do not use them. Nevertheless, there is a solution to all these problems: removable pools.

Apart from being cheaper, removable pools can be placed only during the summer and later disassembled and stored for next year. In this way we avoid works in our garden, we save money and we have more space outside the hot season. As removable pools are quite common today, we are going to talk about the best ones on the market and how to buy them.

? The best removable pool?

Our top one regarding removable pools is this Intex 28272NP Small Frame model, thanks to the good evaluations of its buyers. Its rectangular design is based on a metal structure whose measurements correspond to 300 x 200 x 75 centimeters. The maximum capacity of this removable pool is 3.834 liters for a total of up to six people over six years of age. Made with Super-Tough XNUMX-layer technology, the tarp features a drain plug that can be attached to a garden hose. Although this model does not include any treatment plant, it does have 32-millimeter connections.


This removable pool is ideal for small spaces thanks to its design. In addition, its use and durability are optimal and assembly is simple if you follow the instructions correctly. In just 30 minutes it can be ready for use.


Apart from the size, which for some people may be too big or too small, there have been comments from buyers warning that the joints do not have a stop or lock, except for the corners. Therefore, after the movement caused during the use of this removable pool, they must be re-tightened to prevent them from being completely separated.

Selection of the best removable pools

In the event that our top one has not convinced you, nothing happens. In the market we can find many more removable pools. Next we are going to present a selection of the six best.

INTEX 28200NP Above Ground Pool Metal Frame

We started with this 28200NP model from Intex. It is a round removable pool whose measurements are 305 × 76 centimeters while the maximum capacity corresponds to 4.485 liters of water. As for the structure, it is made of steel tubes coated with anti-rust epoxy to increase its resistance. Instead, the tarpaulin is made of three-layer laminated PVC and has Super Tough technology in order to increase its durability. In addition, this model has a drain plug with a connection to a hose, thus facilitating drainage. The assembly of this removable pool is quite simple and it is recommended to place it on a level surface.

Bestway Steel ProPool

In second place we have this Steel ProPool model from Bestway. It has a rectangular steel structure with an anti-corrosion coating, thus prolonging its durability. Regarding the assembly, this is simple and fast and does not require tools. This removable pool also has a built-in drain valve that allows for hassle-free emptying. What’s more, This product includes a self-adhesive repair patch. The measurements of this model are as follows: 300 x 201 x 66 centimeters.

Bestway Steel Pro – Detachable Tubular Pool

We continue with another Bestway model. The structure of this removable pool is made of steel and has an anti-corrosion coating that prolongs its useful life. It also has a built-in drain valve for flushing and a Frame Link system to ensure secure connections. As for the tarpaulin, it has TriTech technology which is basically a three-layer reinforced material that is durable and resistant to punctures. Assembly is quick and easy and requires no tools. This product includes a 1.249 liters per hour cartridge filter. The measurements of this removable pool correspond to 305 x 76 centimeters.

your GEAR XL Family Pool Gray

Another removable pool to highlight is this gray rectangular model from your Gear. It is made of powder coated steel and has connections for a pool pump or filter system. It also has a drain valve in the ground. Despite being very robust, this product includes a repair kit just in case. As for the assembly, this is simple and fast. In addition, it does not require tools, you just have to connect the pipe rods to each other. This pool has the following dimensions: 396 x 207 x 100 centimeters. The maximum depth of the water corresponds to 90 centimeters while its maximum volume is 7.300 liters.

BESTWAY 56620 – Power Steel Oval Tubular Detachable Pool

Coming almost to the bottom of this list we have another gray Bestway model. It is a removable oval pool whose assembly is very easy thanks to the Seal & Lock system. In addition, this product includes a filter purifier with an antimicrobial cartridge in order to keep the water clean and hygienic. Regarding the structure, it is made of steel, making this model a stable and durable pool. The canvas is made of reinforced Tritech material to increase its useful life. Another feature to highlight is that has a safety ladder, ideal for preventing young children from entering unsupervised. The measurements of this removable pool are as follows: 427 x 250 x 100 centimeters.

BESTWAY 56442 – Power Steel Tubular Detachable Pool

Finally we have to highlight the gray 56442 Bestway model. The assembly of this removable pool is quick and easy, apart from the fact that it does not require tools. As for the frame, it is made of robust steel with an anti-corrosion coating and the joints are flexible. Instead, the canvas is made of TriTech material. This product includes a sand scrubber to keep the water clean. It also has a safety ladder. In addition, this product also includes a chemical dispenser and a patch. The measurements of this model correspond to 404 x 201 x 100 centimeters.

Buying guide for a removable pool

As expected, before purchasing a removable pool There are a number of aspects that we must take into account, such as the size or the material from which it is made. Next we are going to comment on them.


Without a doubt, size is very important when choosing between the many removable pools out there. Before buying one, we must measure the space we have available to place it.


The material is also important, as the removable pool must have a robust and stable structure. As for the canvas, it must be resistant and strong, so that it does not break easily. In the end, a good above ground pool should last us more than a summer or two.

Capacity and weight

Very careful when we want to place removable pools on a terrace or roof. We must be aware of the maximum weight that the foundation of the building can support. Although the removable pool itself is not going to have a very high weight, once we fill it with water it will be important. In addition, it is advisable to place them on the edges of the terraces, near the walls and columns, and not in the center to prevent the floor from sinking little by little.

Price range

We must always take into account the price of what we are going to buy. In the case of removable pools, you also have to add extra costs like water, maintenance and extras that we may need.

Where to place a removable pool?

Removable pools are ideal for the summer

Removable pools are ideal for summer

Removable pools are usually quite large, so we will need a large space outside. This can be both a garden and a terrace. However, as we have already mentioned above, we must watch the weight of the filled pool when we place it on a terrace. The great advantage these products offer us is that we can disassemble them when we are no longer going to use them, being able to fold the canvas and store it next to the structure tubes in the garage or storage room.

Where to buy

Today we have a huge range of options when it comes to wanting to buy any product. Removable pools can be obtained both online and in physical stores of furniture, DIY and sports. We will discuss some examples below.

The Amazon

The great online sales platform Amazon offers many different models of removable pools. The great advantage that online shopping offers us is that it is very comfortable and fast. In a few minutes and from the sofa in our house we can order the pool and all the necessary accessories.


Many physical establishments, such as the Decathlon, sell removable pools. On some occasions, these are mounted for display, which allows us to get a better idea of ​​the dimensions. In addition, we can be advised by professionals.

Thanks to removable pools, many more people have the option of enjoying a refreshing swim at home. It is a highly recommended option for the hot summer season.

Removable pools: The best on the market and buying guide

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