5 tips for plants to grow fast

Plants can grow faster in soil

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We would all like to close our eyes and for the plants to grow from one day to the next; although nature insists on forging our patience to have a dream garden.

However, there are always ways to accelerate plant growth and thus get them to grow faster. Carrying out precise and successful care will be possible to encourage their development to enjoy the beauty of the chosen plants.

Seed care

The seeds are sown

The seeds are sown

Starting at the beginning, we are going to talk about the seeds. And it is that since they are collected or extracted from the fruits until they are sown, avoid wetting them unless necessary. What’s more, should be protected in a dry and shady place until the moment the sowing is done.

Depending on the type of seed, there are some that will be harder, and therefore more resistant than others. The first one usually has a much longer viability period, because if it is so hard it is because it has a shell and / or a film covering that protects it from environmental conditions. This protection is temporary, because over time (months, or years) it decomposes. Some of the most resistant seeds are, for example, those of date palms; in fact, some were found that were about 2000 years old, and according to what they published in the magazine Science, germinated.

If we want to know some of those that have to be sown as soon as possible to achieve a higher germination percentage, they are all those that have a short life: lettuce, sunflower, parsley. These they are usually sown in springbut if you have a greenhouse or electric germinator it can be done at any time of the year.

Make sure your plants get water and light

There are plants that need light

Hya plants that need light

To grow, plants need two key factors: water and light. It is important to ensure that they receive the necessary amount of water, avoiding excesses so as not to cause flooding. In addition, it is necessary to give them the water they really need, since for example carnivores only accept pure or distilled rainwater; Acidophilic plants must be watered with water with a low pH (between 4 and 6).

Regarding the lighting conditions, investigate if it is a shade or sun plant and how long you need natural light. Also note that indoor plants do not exist. All, absolutely all of them are from outside. What does happen is that there are some that adapt to indoor conditions, and there are others that, in addition, must be kept indoors yes or yes, for example when winter is very cold for them. So, here is a selection of plants that want direct sun, shade and some that can be in semi-shade:

Check it from time to time

There are many pests and diseases that can delay plant growth

There are many pests and diseases that can slow down plant growth.

You should check the plant periodically to avoid the appearance of pests or diseases, or to attack them as soon as possible if they are detected. Remember that these enemies affect growth and development. A warm and dry environment favors the growth and spread of aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, whitefliesetc; and if it is hot and humid, it will be fungi, bacteria and viruses that can cause more than one problem for plants.

Having them well watered and fertilized largely prevents their natural enemies from harming them. Therefore, it is crucial to know the needs of the plants that we bring home. And if they have already appeared, there is nothing like using the home remedies that we propose in this article.

Fertilize it throughout its growing season

Compost is a natural product

Compost is a natural product

It is highly advisable to fertilize or fertilize the plants with specific fertilizers for them, following the instructions on the container at all times. In this way, it will be achieved that they grow faster on the one hand, and that they are healthy on the other. But yes, it is important to clarify that a compost is not the same as a fertilizerFertilizers are what we know as “chemical fertilizers”, as they are made up of chemicals selected for each type of crop that are normally quickly absorbed by the roots.

The true fertilizers are the organic ones; that is, those that come from organic matter, such as the guano that you can buy here! (these are bat or seabird droppings), herbivorous animal manure, green manure (plants), worm castings (for sale here!), among others.

Give it space

Trees need spacetrees need space

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Plants need some space to grow. For example, large ones, such as trees, many palms, and even some vigorous climbers such as the wisteria, can slow down their growth when grown in pots; hence it is advisable to plant them in the ground as soon as possible. And even so, If we want any plant to grow fast, it is best to plant it in the ground soon, I repeat, if there is a possibility of doing so.

And it is that if our soil is alkaline the acidophilic plants (maples, camellias, azaleas, etc.) will have nutritional deficiencies, the main symptom of which will be the yellowing of the leaves. Although it can be solved by fertilizing them with specific products for them (like this one from here!), this makes the crop very demanding, as you have to be aware of them and respect the fertilization schedule indicated by the manufacturer.

In addition, we have to see if the land has good drainage or if on the contrary it does not have it, because there are plants that support waterlogging better than others. On the other hand, if the crop is in a pot, we will also have to transplant our plants from time to time, prioritizing the use of pots that have holes in their base since those that do not have them would only serve us for aquatic plants.

Have a happy cultivation.

5 tips for plants to grow fast

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