How to buy pool ladders

swimming pool ladders

Think of several pools. What is the element that is always the same in all of them? You are right, ladders for swimming pools. This accessory is essential but what you may not know is that there are many different models. Which of them is the best?

If you are thinking of renovating the pool stairs, or you want to have safer and more comfortable ones, here we will tell you how to buy them and which models may be more interesting. Go for it.

Top 1. The best ladder for swimming pools


  • Made of steel, PP, PVC and POM.
  • The Exterior stairs can be removed to prevent children from using them unattended.
  • robust.


  • It has plastic steps (although non-slip).
  • It can rust.
  • Unstable.

Selection of pool ladders

Discover here some of the most interesting pool ladders that could be useful to you.

SPIRATO Safety ladder with platform for swimming pools

It has a height of 122 centimeters and has two sides of steps, making it a ladder for above-ground pools. This Made of metal and plastic and the outer side is removable.

Gre 40274 – Stainless Steel Wall Ladder for Inground Pool

Made of stainless steel, it is the classic pool ladder. It has fixing anchors and support stops.

Gre EPE30 – Synthetic Ladder for Inground Pool

Made of plastic, it is a ladder with strong and durable non-slip treads. To give it stability, you have to fill the ladder with sand before sinking it into the pool.

Astralpool 05494 Wall Ladder 4 Steps Standard

This is one of the classic stairs, Made of stainless steel with four steps and vertical handrails.

Gre AR11680 – Ladder for Raised Pool

Ladder with two sides of steps. This Made of metal and used for above ground pools less than 132 centimeters.

It has a rubber support to protect the floor and provide stability.

Swimming pool ladder buying guide

When we think of a pool ladder, the same model always comes to mind, the classic one that we have seen all our lives. However, what you may not know is that there are many more models and, although these may be more expensive, the functionality they give you is greater than others (as well as security).

But What do you have to look for when buying a ladder? These are the main keys.


Do you think that the size of the stairs is always the same? Well no, actually there are different sizes, not only in terms of steps (more or less) but also in the width of those stairs. The goal is for the person to feel safe and comfortable using them, and if he is a thicker person, he can get in or out of the pool without feeling that he lacks stairs.

The same for children. If a ladder is too wide for them, they won’t be able to hold on properly, putting themselves in danger. That is why special ones are made, narrower, according to them.


You should know that the very material that the ladder is made of will determine the quality, price, etc. this. And there are different materials, there is not just one on the market.

So, you have:

  • Stairs for stainless steel pools. They are the ones that have the best quality and these sink in the water and remain that way “forever”. Of course, within stainless steel you will also have different qualities.
  • Galvanized steel. They are not forever, but their use will only be for a certain time. Why? Because they oxidize and eventually deteriorate.
  • Stairs for swimming pools in lacquered steel. They are the cheapest on the market, and have a treatment to withstand contact with water well. But they deteriorate very quickly and in 2-3 years the ladder will be unsafe or unusable.


Commenting on the types of pool ladders that exist is quite tedious, especially since there are different classifications.

One of the most general is the one that differentiates between construction stairs, that are attached to the edge of the pool and that only have steps on one side. They are made of stainless steel because they remain in the water practically all the time; and detachable stairs, that are symmetrical and have a base to stand on. They use steps on both sides having to climb all of them to get in or out of the pool.

However, we could also find a classification based on stepsit would:

  • Stainless steel. The best quality and with non-slip systems.
  • Of plastic. The cheapest but not safe.
  • security platforms. Ideal for older people or for those who need more security.

Price range

As for the price, we are going to find a very wide range. Normally the stairs for swimming pools they usually cost less than 250 euros each (the cheapest are from 70-80 euros) but you can also find stairs that exceed 2000 euros.

Where to buy?

stairs for swimming pools

swimming pool ladders

Swimming pool stairs are one of the elements that we pay the least attention to. And yet, they are the most important, not only to be able to get into the pool, but also to maintain safety.

Many times we settle for the “usual” ones, when in reality there are many other models that may be better suited for people or for certain times.

And where do we buy them? Well We suggest these stores.

The Amazon

Amazon is becoming the first place we usually look to buy things. And as for pool ladders, although they don’t have as many as other products, they do have them in their catalogue.

You’ll find some different models and prices that may be what you are looking for. Although it is recommended that you compare with other stores to see if you really get a good price.


In Decathlon it is not that you are going to find many ladders for swimming pools, because only two models available. But for spring and summer they usually put a few more on sale due to the swimming pool season. Still, these stairs are safety, something that others do not have.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you will find many more varieties of ladders for swimming pools because They have more than 200 different models. You can classify them by price, based on your budget, and you will be able to find the one that best suits you.

Our recommendation is that you review the models of ladders for swimming pools that are available to find the one that best meets your needs. Although it involves a higher outlay, in the long run, due to security and functionality, what you pay will be amortized.

How to buy pool ladders

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