How to keep cyclamen from one year to another

Tips on how to keep a cyclamen from one year to the next

Cyclamen is a winter-blooming plant that adorns the garden with a plethora of bright, colorful flowers during the festive season. The flowers are usually red, pink, purple, and white in color, sprouting in a tubular shape surrounded by heart-shaped green leaves decorated with delicate silver designs. Revered as a houseplant for its sweet scent and colour, it brings vitality to interiors, balconies, window sills and can even be grown outdoors to enhance the beauty of your garden. Cyclamen plants make great gifts for all tastes and needs. Many people don’t know how to keep cyclamen from one year to the next.

For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to telling you everything you need to know to learn how to preserve cyclamen from one year to the next and what aspects you should take into account.


keep cyclamen from one year to another

keep cyclamen from one year to the next

Originally from the Mediterranean climate, the natural flowering season of the cyclamen is autumn, winter and spring, and the climate is cool and humid. Cyclamen plants start showing up in nurseries and garden stores before the fall holidays. If you bought this plant or it was given to you, remember that it is a perennial plant. When cyclamen plants go dormant on a hot summer day, their leaves dry out and appear dead. But its root system is still there, waiting for the right season to grow back. That’s when they store energy in the round tubers for the next blooming season. So don’t empty the pot and wait for it to grow back.

Cyclamen thrives in the cooler months, making it perfect for growing in cooler climates. However, the ideal place to grow cyclamen is in pots and indoors. It can be grown outdoors, but this delicate plant prefers cooler temperatures to frost, making it more suitable for growing as a houseplant. But be careful, you should keep it away from direct sunlight and heat.

How to keep cyclamen from one year to another

how to keep cyclamen from one year to another

how to preserve cyclamen from one year to the next

In winter, the cyclamen can remain in flower for several months if we observe the necessary care so that it does not wither quickly. There are 6 basic things that can help us protect the cyclamen and maintain the flowering cycle for a few more days. These tips include good temperature, adequate watering, brightness, care of the substrate, correct users and when pruning is necessary. One of the key aspects to protect the cyclamen in winter is to maintain good temperatures for the plant. As a winter plant, cyclamen do not thrive in very hot environments, so they should be placed in a cool, well-ventilated room. The optimum temperature for cyclamen is between 5 and 15 degreesand the plant prefers cold, although it does not like frost very much. Therefore, it is necessary to place them indoors, such as windows, balconies or patios. We must take care that the factory is not near heaters or radiators that generate heat and damage them.

The cyclamen is a bulbous plant whose main problem is abundant watering. This can cause rapid fall of its leaves and flowers, completely affecting the health of the cyclamen. Also, if its bulbs and stems are flooded with too much water, the plant will rot and die. Proper watering for cyclamen is to use the soaking technique, where the plant will only absorb what it may need. This keeps leaves, flowers, and roots out of direct contact with water. Again, doing this will protect it from flooding because the soil will not be irrigated.

Luminosity and substrate

Cyclamen, like other plants, need good light, but exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended. Because it destroys the plant and damages it as the sun’s rays wither it. In addition, it is necessary to find a place where light can only reach indirectly, always keeping in mind to protect them from the sun’s rays. Another thing you should know is that this plant needs shade to keep blooming. This is why we should avoid direct sunlight, as this can interfere with flower production.

The substrate plays a vital role in preserving the cyclamen, and although this plant is not very demanding, either one will work well. However, this plant prefers those with a high proportion of organic matter and perlite. This helps the cyclamen to drain well when it is watered, so this compound prevents the water from forming puddles, allowing normal growth and allowing us to appreciate the beauty of its flowers. If we take all these tips into account, we will have a healthy cyclamen that blooms very well.

Subscriber and conservation in summer

subscriber and conservation

subscriber and conservation

Cyclamen needs energy and strength to maintain the flowering process for several months, for which you can use fertilizers. You can add it to the plant when it begins to flower and the first buds appear. A second fertilizer is then added during the flowering period, providing all the nutrients the plant needs. So we can see some beautiful cyclamen flowers in winter.

In both cases, you can simply add fertilizer to the irrigation water and let the plant absorb it through the bottom. Let stand for about 15 minutes, then remove the plate with excess fertilizer water. When its flowering ends, and already in summer, the leaves and flowers of the cyclamen have dried, which indicates that it will be in the resting season. At this point it is necessary to transplant it to a larger pot or plant it in the garden to renew the substrate and prevent it from compacting.

Another way to keep cyclamen during the summer is to plant it in the garden, as it is still dormant at this time. It will take a few months to rejuvenate and bloom again. For it, we must make sure that the places we choose in the garden are in the best conditions so that the plants do not die. One of the requirements is that the space be kept away from the sun’s rays, preferably in the shade. In addition, there is good drainage in the soil to prevent water stagnation and rotting of plants.

Cyclamen Duration

They usually last a few months after flowering, when good protection is achieved with proper care. Cyclamen lifespan is defined as a very long flowering plant that grows annually. This plant can be kept in good condition for about 4-5 years.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to preserve cyclamen from one year to the next.

How to keep cyclamen from one year to another

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