What is the difference between strawberries and strawberries

What is the difference between strawberries and strawberries

Do you like strawberries? For sure yes. But what you may long for is really eating a strawberry, and not strawberries, which is what has been on the market lately. But, Do you know the difference between strawberries and strawberries?

If you want to make sure that what you buy is actually strawberries, or even if you grow them you want it to be strawberries, then you need to know what the differences really are with strawberries. That’s why we talk about them.

What is the difference between strawberries and strawberries

External color of fruits

External color of fruits

The first thing you should know is that strawberries are actually creeping plants and we could even say wild. Its scientific name is Fragaria vesca and, something that will surprise you, they are not actually fruits. It is an aggregation of the flower area since, if you look closely, the nuggets they carry are actually the seeds.

It grows wild in gardens, in forests, and even in orchards. But there are fewer and fewer.

For his part, strawberries are hybrids. They arose in the 18th century and we could say that they were the creation of several French botanists who crossed several wild varieties of strawberries, one from California and another from Chile.

The result was a strawberry, so named because the size was double or triple that of strawberries. Therefore, its scientific name was Fragaria x ananassa.

Knowing this, Do we get fully into the differences? Pay attention:


There is no doubt, both visually and what we have told you before, that the strawberry is much bigger than the strawberry.

The strawberries are said to be no bigger than the size of a two euro coin. However, in the case of the strawberry it changes, because there it can measure much more (some up to 4-5 centimeters).

This depends a lot. And it is that sometimes they can sell you strawberries that have been picked before that they continue to get fatter and therefore the size is more similar to strawberries.

Color exterior

Another difference between strawberries and strawberries has to do with the exterior color they have. Yes, although they are both red and at first glance you may not see anything different, actually they do.

Strawberries have a very intense and bright red color. Not so the strawberries, whose red is duller or even a pinkish red and more matte. That is, they look less colorful.

Color interior

internal fruit color

internal fruit color

Just as there is a difference between strawberries and strawberries in the exterior color, something similar also occurs inside.

You will not always be able to see this before buying them, because you will not be able to test the product, but you can do the test at home.

Take one and open it in half horizontally. If it is a strawberry then the interior will be white, or close to white. However, if it’s a strawberry then inside it will still be rednot the same hue as outside, but very similar.

This is perhaps one of the most important differences and the one that can give you the key to distinguish them.


Strawberries are often said to be really strawberries if they are sweet and juicy. And it’s actually all a lie. Tiny strawberries do not taste sweet, quite the opposite. They are more like the flavor of raspberries, with a slight acid touch. That’s really the taste of strawberry.

If when you put a supposed strawberry in your mouth you notice that it is very sweet and juicy, then what you are eating is a strawberry, regardless of its size.


Finally, we talk about the price, since it is something to take into account. And it is because strawberries are very delicateand they spoil in a short time, even more so if they are transported a long distance, these They are quite a bit more expensive than strawberries.

That’s why finding strawberries is difficult and you would normally only be able to eat them if you live in an area where you have a place where they grow and pick strawberries nearby.

For his part, strawberries are cheaperAlthough in recent years they have also increased the price. But they are currently worth about half or a third of what strawberries might cost you.


Juiciness and sweetness, another difference

Juiciness and sweetness, another difference

In addition to the taste, the smell is another of the differences that exist between strawberries and strawberries. And in this sense you have to take it with tweezers because some varieties of strawberries also have an odor.

However, in general, strawberries have a very aromatic and fragrant smell, something that in the case of strawberries does not happen. In fact, sometimes you can until you think that strawberries don’t smell.


This is another indicator that can warn you that there are strawberries or strawberries. And it is that the strawberry season is very, very short. It only lasts from March to May. There’s no more. However, you can find strawberries from January to June or even some until August.

Because strawberries, once cut, deteriorate very quickly, that’s why they don’t last long. Besides, the plant has a very short production cycle, and does not give several a year, but only once.

Obviously, strawberries are better than strawberries, but it is also true that they are much more difficult to find. That’s why Strawberries are currently the ones that prevail in markets, greengrocers and supermarkets. Even though they are called strawberries, what you actually eat is not those wild fruits, but strawberries (those created by botanists).

Do you mean they don’t have the same properties? No, they actually have them, but the taste, size, smell… no.

So now that you know the difference between strawberries and strawberries, when buying them you already know what you are really going to buy. With a bit of luck, you might find strawberries, although we already told you that it is not usual for them to be sold. Have you ever eaten real strawberries? Did you like them?

What is the difference between strawberries and strawberries

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