29 indoor hanging plants

Hanging plants are a great ally in gardening and decoration when you have little space for pots of another type. In addition, when it comes to decorating balconies or windows, hanging indoor plants produce a very showy and striking effect from the outside, with great aesthetic results.

If you want to learn a little more about these indoor plants, and along the way learn some of their names and see some images, join us in this article about 29 indoor hanging plants .

Columnea, a curious indoor hanging plant

To show you some of the names of indoor plants that hang , we have decided to start with these because they are really decorative and curious. Columnas, also called golden carp , are a whole genus with almost 200 species and of tropical origin. Its flowers are very showy and of usually warm colors. Among the best known are the following:

  • Columnea monalisa
  • Krakatau column
  • Magnificent column
29 indoor hanging plants - Columnea, a curious indoor hanging plant

Pothus, one of the best known hanging plants

The Pothus, potus or poto is a widely known indoor plant in a large number of countries. It comes from Southeast Asia and New Guinea, and has a climbing or liana behavior, reaching lengths of up to 20 meters. It is one of the considered indoor hanging plants with little light , since it does not need direct sunlight, and its care is quite simple.

29 indoor hanging plants - Pothus, one of the most popular hanging plants

Hanging orchids

There are both terrestrial and aerial orchids. These plants, so appreciated for the large number of flowers they produce, are common as indoor plants, since they need temperatures above 0 degrees. The hanging orchids are all of the terrestrial type, and the best known of them are the Cymbidium orchids . Among them is:

  • Cymbidium insigne
  • Cymbidium eburneum
  • Cymbidium devonianun
  • Cumbidium aloifolium
  • Cymbidium bicolor
29 Indoor Hanging Plants - Hanging Orchids


Dischidia is a genus of plants that is also called the Million Hearts plant, the ant plant or the pregnant plant, as these insects tend to use the hollow leaves of the plant for their nests. It is an epiphytic and climbing perennial plant , which has its origin in tropical Southeast Asia and Australia. There are a large number of species, among which are the following:

  • Dischidia nummularia
  • Dischidia ovata
  • Dischidia pectinoides
  • Dischidia platyphylla
  • Rafflesian Dischidia
29 indoor hanging plants - Dischidia

Hoya linearis

The Hoya linearis or hoya carnosa , also called the wax flower plant , is another of the hanging and climbing plants most appreciated in gardening. Its leaves are a bright dark green and its stems usually grow in a spiral, giving it a unique and very striking appearance. In addition, its inflorescences are very fragrant, emitting a pleasant sweet smell.

29 indoor hanging plants - Hoya linearis

Hanging succulent plants for interior decoration

Succulents are always highly valued plants aesthetically for their striking shapes, so different from herbaceous ones. In addition, they usually need less care and are more resistant than most indoor plants. The hanging succulents tend to drop their stems like a waterfall, many with showy flowers of bright colors. These are some of them:

  • Christmas cactus
  • Donkey tail
  • Banana chain
  • Tail of rat
  • Crassula pellucida
  • Rosary plant
  • Monkey’s tail
  • Rhipsalis
  • Othonna capensis

As you can see, there are a huge number of hanging succulents, and their shapes are so different that it is worth taking a look at each example on the list to be able to choose the one we like the most for our home.

29 Indoor Hanging Plants - Hanging Succulent Plants for Indoor Decoration

Indoor hanging aerial plants

Aerial plants are sometimes considered hanging, especially when it comes to interior designs. As these plants do not need soil or substrate for their growth, but instead feed on suspended particles and humidity in the air, it is easy to place them anywhere, even on vertical surfaces, so that their leaves and stems hang down. In addition, there are many creative ways to place these plants in almost any corner or wall of your home and give it a unique and very different touch. Some of these flowering houseplants have really striking shapes, so it’s worth giving them a try.

Some aerial plants are:

  • Tillandsia xerographica
  • Tillandsia caput medusae
  • Tillandsia ionantha v. ionantha
29 Indoor Hanging Plants - Indoor Hanging Aerial Plants


Petunias are another very popular hanging plant , as they create large bushy flower beds, very dense in their branches. The same plant can present flowers of different colors , which makes it perfect for decorating interior spaces with a cheerful touch. Most of their species have their origin in South America, so they do not usually withstand very cold temperatures well, something that also makes them very suitable for being indoors.

29 Indoor Hanging Plants - Petunias

Hanging geraniums

Very popular in Spain, geraniums are traditionally used to decorate terraces and balconies in the warm months, but they can be perfectly adapted indoors and give color to the room. These plants, which can be pruned to be rounded or allowed to grow hanging , produce very abundant and showy blooms.

29 indoor hanging plants

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