Hardy Flowering Houseplants

Hardy Flowering Houseplants

Many times we think that having plants inside the house means that they can only be green leaves, that is, without flowers. But this is not the case, there are many hardy and easy-care flowering houseplants.

Do you want to know some of the ones you can include in your home? Well, here we present a selection of them where we will talk a little about each one, their care and some peculiarities that you should take into account. Which one will you stay with?



One of the first that we present to you is the Guzmania. It is a quite striking plant and different from others that you have been able to see. To begin with, the plant is quite resistant. In addition, its leaves are usually hard, and a stem grows from them from which a flower (or several, since they are grouped) blooms. Thus, we can say that it is the leaves that are in charge of protecting the flower when it is born and grows.

But the most important thing about this plant is that the flower will last from 3 to 6 months. And yes, we already warned you that once it begins to wither, the plant will die. It is something that does not mean that you take care of her badly. It is the law of life for them. But before doing so, it will have left a lot of shoots at the base, with which you will have it again. Of course, make sure you take good care of it so that it develops correctly and you have a new flowering plant again.


The Anthurium is another of the resistant flowering indoor plants and one of the easiest to care for. Its green leaves stand out with the flowers, which can be of multiple colors (red, pink, yellow, orange…) so you could choose based on your tastes.

Regarding its care, as we told you, it is very easy to have it. But you must take care that it does not get direct sunlight because it is very delicate and could not only affect the flowers, but also the leaves.

Irrigation is another of the most important care for an anthurium, because if you go too far, or fall short, it can suffer and kill the plant.

amazon lily

You may find it in stores as Eucharis amazonica, which is its scientific name. The truth is that it is a plant that is little known, but when you see it, we have no doubt that you will fall in love with it. Especially if you are one of those who likes daffodils. Its flower is very similar to this one, although different. It is white and the truth is that it is one of those that you will enjoy at the end of summer, when almost all the plants stop flowering.

As for care, it is quite easy but you must be careful about watering and humidity. that this plant needs, as well as taking care that it does not get too direct sun (it can tolerate it, but not too many hours, nor in the hottest ones).

Golden carp

Another of the resistant flowering indoor plants that you may not know, because it is true that it is not seen often (but we already tell you that when you see it that will change), it is the Golden Carp, or also known as Columneas.

It is a plant with very decorative flowers. And the reason why it is called golden carp? Due to its flowers, which when you see them, with an orange and yellow color, you will see that it seems from a distance as if it were a goldfish (of those that are bought from cold water). Just for that it draws a lot of attention.

As for the care it needs, you should put it in a place with a lot of indirect lighting, but never direct sun. In addition, the ideal for it to be good is that it has a constant temperature of between 20 and 22ºC. When it starts to grow, you can have it hanging (so that the branches fall) or with a tutor.



Another of the resistant flowering indoor plants that we recommend is the Hibiscus. Actually, It is a plant that does better outdoors, especially because it requires a lot of sun., even a few hours of direct light. But that does not mean that it does not suit the interior. It does, as long as you meet its needs.

The most beautiful thing about the Hibiscus is, without a doubt, its flower. It is large and rivals any other that you consider to be one of the most beautiful. It blooms from spring to fall, but indoors, and with proper care, it could flower all year round.

Yes indeed, flowers only last a few days but you shouldn’t worry because he throws out a lot, and when one withers, he sure has two or three ready to go.

As for the colors, you have red, orange, yellow, white, purple…


Talking about resistant indoor flowering plants and not mentioning orchids is a big problem. That is why we cannot stop talking about them, one of the plants considered most beautiful. Although her care is not difficult, it is true that she is a bit fussy and, although you can buy it with a flower and that it lasts a long time, sometimes, when it loses its flowers, and enters its lethargy, you can find that it dies. Therefore, it is best to read a lot about their care so that it does not happen to you.

As for the flower, the most common orchids are butterfly ones, and these can have solid colors (white, pink, yellow…) or combinations with various color tones.

african violet

In the last few years that the African Violet became known (you can also find it as Saintpaulia) it has become one of the most common in many homes.

It is a plant that requires a lot of indirect light, with a few hours of direct light (from 3 to 4 avoiding the hours of greatest incidence). It is somewhat demanding with water and also should not touch the leaves or the flowers.

Physically, the plant is made up of a rosette of fleshy leaves (in fact, it is ideal to propagate them like this) and from them comes a stem from which the flowers will appear in clusters. In addition, these leaves have hairs, and they are very soft.

In the market you can find many colors, from the basics to color combinations. And there are even variegated and special versions that are even more beautiful than the original.

Santa Rita

Santa Rita

Perhaps by this name you do not recognize it, but if we say Iosca, Ixora, Cruz de Malta or coralillo things can change.

It is a very beautiful plant with red flowers which, although it needs indirect light, can be indoors because it needs a warm temperature (be careful with the air conditioning).

As for watering, it is frequent, at least 2-3 times a week because you always need to keep the soil moist. But be careful, because if you go too far he will die soon.

As you can see, there are many resistant flowering indoor plants that you can have at home. And many more that we have left behind. Can you recommend one that you have and that you are proud to enjoy?

Hardy Flowering Houseplants

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