Plants to have in bedrooms

Plants for rooms

If you want to renew the decoration of your bedroom you can add some plants. Unlike other rooms in the house, excess plants are not recommended in the rooms as they consume the oxygen that you need to breathe.

However, a couple of small plants can decorate the bedroom and add a nice touch without compromising your good health.

In search of the ideal plant

If you are looking for a plant for your room, try to choose those that consume less oxygen, that is, those with narrow leaves. In addition, they become less dirty with ambient dust.

Plants for rooms

Remember that indoor plants also need light to carry out photosynthesis, so try to place the plant near a window or in a place that receives natural light and open the windows every day to renew the oxygen in the environment. If your bedroom is dark, then you will need to move the plants every two weeks to get sunlight. Another possibility is to use artificial light, although it is not a very decorative detail. With the exception of aspidistria and sanseviera, the rest of the species need at least a little light.

Some options

Plants for rooms

If despite the recommendations you are somewhat lost in the search, here we tell you some options of plants that you can consider. The following species are ideal for bedrooms with low light: Ficus repens, Calatea, Cisus, Alocasia, Esparraguera. In the case of bright and not very cold rooms, you can try the following: Cyclamen, Pilea, African Violet, Peperomia, Drácena, Coleo, Cípero or Peperomia.

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Plants to have in bedrooms

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