How to clean artificial grass: the best tips and tricks

Having an artificial grass can be a good idea if we don’t have as much water or space available. It is also perfect for those people who are more careless when it comes to having to maintain the lawn. However, although they are artificial, they require some basic maintenance and cleaning care so that it can have its appearance and maintain the best conditions for as long as possible. Here we are going to tell you some tips about how to clean artificial grass.

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Artificial turf maintenance

cleaning an artificial grass

Keep in mind that to extend the life of your lawn and improve its appearance, you have to follow some maintenance tips. Learning how to clean artificial grass on a regular basis is essential to give it the care it needs. One of the main aspects when cleaning is do it in the opposite direction to the direction of the fibers. In this way, we will lift them and clean all the organic matter that has been deposited during the time that it has not been clean. We will also reposition the silica sand.

Watering the artificial grass once or twice a month is enough. This will help us keep it clean, although we can make watering more frequent in the summer time. This is necessary as the temperature can drop and moisture can settle on the silica sand. Thus, it is possible to maintain the usual freshness of a natural grass but it is not. Watering is not recommended if temperatures are below zero as ice can and will wear away the latex base over the years.

If you water the lawn every so often it will be cooler and that will ensure that the properties of the color are maintained for longer. You will also prevent stains from embedding and extend the life of the artificial grass. In the long term, it is advisable to apply a sanitizing perfume to prevent the settlement of insects. There are some bacteria that are beginning to settle on our lawn and we can avoid them with perfume.

Another aspect to learn how to clean artificial grass is silica sand replenishment. We must bear in mind that with the wind from the traffic through the lawn, the sand can accumulate in a place, move or decrease the amount of it. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it every so often. Thanks to the replacement of the silica sand we can maintain a good level of upright grass. Before starting, you have to brush and water the entire surface. Then we will apply the new sand to fill the empty gaps and take care of the level of charge that must be equitable.

How to clean artificial grass

how to clean the artificial grass to keep it in good condition

We are going to look for the perfect kit to learn how to clean artificial grass. So that your lawn is always green and beautiful to see is to have a pack with the necessary products for it. The pack must have sanitizing perfumes and a stiff bristle brush.

If containment nets have been placed in the installation to prevent weeds from coming out, there is no problem or concern. In any case, a herbicide can be sprayed on the surface from time to time to eliminate the few herbs that may grow. It is not at all advisable to park your car on the grassonly occasionally. And frequently turning off the fluids of the car can end up damaging and discoloring the lawn due to the chemical content of the same. Oil, gasoline and other components of vehicles can cause our grass to end up completely damaged.

Garden furniture does not have to damage the lawn either. Thanks to the high recovery and flexibility of the fibers, just one brushing is enough to maintain general cleanliness. We must be careful with do not drag furniture that is located on the lawn since they can jump strands and leave some areas with bald spots. It is advisable to lift the furniture and not drag it or use studs or rugs to help us drag it so as not to spoil this lawn.

Tips not to damage it

avoid accidents in artificial gardens

Be careful with barbecues. Although it is fire resistant and will not learn in flames, it is true that from 80 degrees it begins to melt. This means that if it is an ember, it falls on the grass, it will not cause a fire, so it is not dangerous, but it will cause a burn in the area where it has fallen. To avoid this type of situation, it is advisable to leave a space that does not have grass to place the barbecue. You can also put on the lawn and the barbecue some type of material that serves to protect it. This material can be stone slabs or fire retardant carpets.

Artificial grass becomes dirty for the following various reasons:

How to clean artificial grass with different elements

Let’s see what are the main elements to clean artificial grass:

  • Soap and water: It is the perfect solution for organic stains and mobility food stains. If you want a pet and you have peed on the artificial grass, you can apply soap and water to remove the smell.
  • Vaccum cleaner: the vacuum cleaner is also a good option to remove the dust and sediment that is deposited. The power is recommended not to be too high, to prevent the hairs from shedding and spoiling.
  • Water and bleach: Among these solutions we recommend only for stains that are really difficult to clean. These products are very strong and can deteriorate if not used wisely. In case of using water and said or ammonia, it is essential to reduce abundant water. This way, the mixture will not discolor the lawn.
  • Sanitizing perfume: it is one of the easiest and fastest solutions. It is an ideal product if you have children and pets as it leaves an odor as if it were freshly cut grass.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to clean artificial grass.

How to clean artificial grass: the best tips and tricks

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