How to Make a Centerpiece with Plants: What Plants to Use and Ideas

When we want to beautify our home, we will all agree that plants always serve to decorate any corner of the house. Its great diversity allows us to choose a vegetable that best adapts to the environment and also combines with the rest of the environment. In the event that we want to give a party, prepare a wedding or simply invite people to lunch or dinner at home, we can use the plants to decorate even the table. That is why we will talk today about how to make a centerpiece with plants.

Apart from giving some ideas and tips for this task, we will also discuss which plants can be used to create a centerpiece. So keep reading to get to work and give a unique and special touch to the event. In addition, we will surely leave more than one visitor speechless with this initiative.

What plants can be used for centerpieces?

Some plants are better for centerpieces

Before explaining how to make a centerpiece with plants, let’s first discuss what vegetables can be used for it. An example for this are the heather. These plants are ideal for creating beautiful centerpieces during the fall season. They are very elegant vegetables but they tend to dry quite quickly, so it will be essential to use a container with a small base of water. When autumn comes to an end, we can take the heather out into the garden and plant it there.

Another plant that is ideal for making centerpieces are bromeliads. These pretty indoor veggies go really well, as They are small in size and very elegant at the same time. There are different types of bromeliads, you can know some of them by clicking here!.

We can also use the spring flower, based on some bulbous plants to create centerpieces. In order to accompany the bulbs a little, a good option would be to choose one obconic primrose. This beautiful flower blooms without any problem until spring, even when indoors.

More examples for plants that can be used to create centerpieces would be that daffodils and hyacinths. The former can be planted in the garden once their flowering season has passed, as can the latter, which also give off a wonderful smell. Therefore, both are ideal flowers for centerpieces.

The different types of kalanchoes they are also highly recommended for this task. They are really spectacular in combination with some cyclamens. Nevertheless, one of the most popular flowers to create centerpieces is the african violet. It is not surprising, because its leaves form a very open bush in which the small flowers appear.

How to make centerpieces with plants?

It is important to select an appropriate container to make a centerpiece with plants

In order to make a centerpiece with plants, the first step is choose the container in which we are going to place the vegetable (s). It is important to choose the right size, material, design and color for the type of table and decoration. In the end, what counts is the harmony of the whole. Here are some container ideas:

  • Normal you can
  • Tin containers
  • Plates or bowls
  • Cups
  • Baskets
  • Glasses
  • Vases

When it comes to making the centerpieces, we can make them to our liking and in combination with the rest of the decoration. However, there are some tricks that we can take into account to make them more beautiful. It is not necessary to choose only flowering plants, but we can combine them with green leafy vegetables. Generally, It looks great to have green around it and flowers in the center.

We can also add a very special touch to our centerpieces adding some specific elements. These could be, for example, some figurines that match the theme of the event, bows, fabrics such as tulle or lace, etc. Another idea that usually looks very good, especially in autumn, are dry plants alone or combined with normal plants.

Not only can we add these elements to our centerpieces, if not also play with lights and candles. This is a great idea for dinner. Thus we will create a beautiful environment for all participants. Of course, if we light candles we must take care that the plants are well protected and do not catch fire. If we do not see it clearly, we can opt for small LEDs.

I hope this article has helped inspire you to create some centerpieces for your event. Apart from being able to make them to your liking, it is a good hobby to do with family or friends. It is a beautiful and relaxing job, but yes, it requires some time, good taste and a lot of imagination. To make them really pretty, the trick is not to overload the centerpieces, but not to be too empty and bland either.

How to Make a Centerpiece with Plants: What Plants to Use and Ideas

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