How to take care of surfinias

Who would not like to have very easy maintenance and very resistant flowers on their balcony? If you are also looking for a plant with these characteristics, today I am going to show you how to take care of surfinias. Some beautiful plants that will attract the eyes of everyone who passes in front of home.

Follow these tips to get some fabulous plants.

Surfinias on balcony

The image is pretty, right? Having something like this in your home is much easier than you might think at first. In fact, we just have to keep in mind that surfinias love the Salt and moisture. Thus, you have to place them in the brightest place you can find, and water them often. As a substrate you can use universal garden soil, or make your own mix with 70% black peat and 30% perlite.

By having rather small adult dimensions, they are the perfect candidates to have in hanging pots. The only drawback is that they are seasonal plants, which means that they are not resistant to frost. But that is not a problem, since both the price of an adult plant and an envelope of seeds is very cheap; with which, during the next season you will be able to contemplate its precious flowers again.

White surfinia

The most common problems that usually affect them are aphids, Red spider, virus and snailswhich do not hesitate to taste some leaves as soon as they have a chance. To combat them, it is recommended to do preventive treatments with natural products – Neem oil, for example – throughout the season, or to use specific products sold in nurseries and garden centers to eliminate them.

Do you want it to bloom again? Cut it in half. You will see how it will not take long to take out new flower buds during these months.

If you have doubts, get in contact with us.

How to take care of surfinias

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