How to buy outdoor shower trays

outdoor shower trays

When you have a garden, it is normal that, due to watering the plants, you end up wet. It also helps you cool down a bit in summer. Or simply to wash some common items. For this reason, having outdoor shower trays is something very comfortable.

Wait, you don’t have one? Don’t know how to buy it? Don’t worry, Today we are going to focus on this element so that you can see how easy it will be to buy one according to what you need. Go for it?

Top 1. The best outdoor shower tray


  • Anti-slip.
  • Various measures.
  • With drain valve and grid.


  • Protective plastic impossible to remove.
  • Slate texture but with little slip.

Selection of outdoor shower trays

Discover below a few outdoor shower trays that may be exactly what you were looking for. And no, not all of them are the same as what your mind tells you a shower tray is.

ONVAYA Floor shower

It is a floor shower that you can connect to garden hose. It measures 85 x 52 x 6 cm and supports a load of up to 120 kilos.

Mai & Mai Shower tray Lucia/Faro in white

Rectangular in shape, it has measures 70x80x4 cm (although others can be chosen). It is made of acrylic and can be installed at ground level.

It has several measures for you to choose the one you like the most. It has a drain valve and grid and is Made of resin covered with antibacterial gel coat.

Resin Shower Tray Slate Texture

With measures of 120×70, you can find models of other measures and also colors. This made of mineral filler and gel coats.

blumfeldt Sumatra Breeze – Garden Shower

It is an outdoor floor shower, that is, the water comes out from below. It is made of aluminum and has a non-slip base. It connects directly to the garden hose.

Buying guide for an outdoor shower tray

Having an outdoor shower tray is quite comfortable. You can even take a shower to cool off in summer, you can use it to bathe your pet, or for endless other uses.

However, there are many shower trays on the market and this implies that the decision is more complicated than it seems. The shape, the size, the material of which it is made, These are some aspects to take into account and that directly influence the price. But also about the utility for you. Do you want us to help you know what to look for to buy one? Pay attention.


Acrylics, resin, ceramics, natural stone… In reality, there are There are many outdoor shower trays made of different materials and each of them has a series of advantages and disadvantages.

You really need to know both to make the best decision. For example, in the case of acrylic, they have an inelegant appearance, and they are also more dangerous because they do not have a good slip resistance. On the other hand, those made of natural stone are durable, on the outside they look very good but they need a lot of care (and they are also not slip-resistant).


The size of the shower tray is another aspect to take into account. The minimum to be comfortable should be 1 meter x 1 meter. But there are smaller ones and also larger ones.


Before, the only form of a shower tray was that of a Square. But now there are many other ways. For example, rectangular or curved. Although the squares are still the usual ones, you can also opt for others.


For outdoor shower trays, it is normal to use white or dark colors. In the market you can also find blue ones that even match the pool, but the normal thing to do is to put it in a more basic color to prevent it from standing out too much.

Price range

Lastly, the price. And in this case there is a fairly wide fork because it will depend on all of the above. Prices usually fluctuate between 90 and more than 800 euros (in cases of very exclusive dishes).

How to make a homemade outdoor shower?

Do you want to learn how to make a homemade outdoor shower? It’s not too complicated, but you will have to do some work.

The first thing is to find an area where you already have an irrigation key installed, since it will be the fastest and the least problem it will give you. Obviously you may not have a shower system installed so you could create it using the irrigation hose itself.

And how is it done? You see, you have to make sure that the shower is on a wall (it is the easiest) and that it is placed at a height of 2,10 m. For its part, you have to give at least one meter wide and one meter deep to be comfortable.

You have to make sure you do a hole to a minimum depth of 80cm. This is done so that the water is absorbed (and does not get bogged down). To do this, you must fill that hole with gravel so that it is in charge of “drying” the water. We also advise you to put a kind of platform on the floor with a hole (to fill more) and this way you will also prevent the hole from sinking when using the shower.

All that remains is to connect the faucet with the hose and, in this way, when you are not using it, you could disconnect it to protect the elements and make it last much longer.

How does the outdoor shower work?

An outdoor shower is similar to the one you have inside the house. But at the same time it is different. To get started, You will not have curtains or glass to “give you privacy”but you will be outdoors. In addition, you will only have one faucet with a single faucet that will connect to the water and that you will not be able to regulate in terms of temperature (usually it will be hot at first and then the water will get colder as you use it).

This is useful to serve to refresh you, but for nothing else.

What material is the best for a shower tray?

There really isn’t an easy answer to this question because, as we’ve told you before, everything will depend on the use and needs you have for this element. The choice is basically between acrylics, resin, ceramic and natural stone.

In the case of acrylics and natural stone are the most demanded; but the porcelain and ceramic ones are cheaper and, for the exterior, they can be much more suitable for their durability (although the ceramic one breaks if it is given a strong blow).

Where to buy?

buy outdoor shower trays

buy outdoor shower trays

Finally, we can help you buy outdoor shower trays. Do you want to know where to do it? While there are many sites you could look at, the most searched for on the internet are:

The Amazon

It has more than a thousand products for you to choose from, but be careful, because not only offers results for outdoor shower trays, but you will also find interior, or even accessories to create your shower.


At the Bauhaus you have many different shower trays, but also the indoor ones are mixed with the outdoor ones. In this case you will have to look at each one of them to know if it is the right one for inside or outside the home.


It has a special section with many models of shower trays, but If you are specifically looking for an outdoor or garden one, the results it gives are not exactly shower trays.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlín you have a category of shower trays and, within it, you can filter by resin, stone, acrylic, ceramic, by the shape of the trays, etc.

Now, As an outdoor or garden shower tray, the search only leaves us with a few basic models.

Have you already opted for your favorite outdoor shower trays? Which will you choose?

How to buy outdoor shower trays

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