How to buy some garden gates

garden gates

Do you need to prevent the passage of pets or children in the garden? Then you are probably looking for garden doors to, in addition to preventing them from entering areas that you do not want, to give that space a more beautiful touch.

But what are the best garden gates? And how should you buy some to get it right? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a hand to do it and not waste time or money.

Top 1. The best garden gate


  • Made of pine wood.
  • Weather and rot resistant.
  • Robust and stable.


  • It is completely disassembled and without filing or treating. The assembly is simple, but it takes time to do it.
  • It has no hinges or latch. It has nails but to make it more solid you need screws and make it functional.

Selection of gates for gardens

In addition to the previous one, here we leave you other varied ones that can meet the needs you have.

vidaXL Garden Fence Gate Outdoor Gate Pine Wood

A 100 x 100 cm wooden fence made of impregnated pine wood. They send it to you completely disassembledso it takes a while to assemble (although it’s very easy to do).

Neither the hinges nor the lock are included.

Relaxdays Gartentor Garden Gate

Made up of three pieces of steel measuring 98,5 x 185 cm.

Installs very easily as you just have to nail it to the ground where you want to put it. Take hinges and pieces of the fence so that it works correctly from day one.

Garden gate with padlock

With a size of 150 x 100 cm, this garden gate has a simple design and materials of galvanized steel, galvanized wire mesh and plastic handles. It is easy to install and can delimit spaces in the garden.

Garden Mesh Gate Gate, Galvanized PE Coated Swing Gates

Made of thick, galvanized, double-layer anti-rust metal. Size of 100 x 140 cm while the door is 87 x 100 cm.

They are lattice design is very simple, but also elegant.

SONGMICS Galvanized Iron Garden Gate

Made of galvanized iron, its measurements are 150 x 106 cm. Includes 6 mounting brackets to mount the gate to posts. It has three keys.

Garden gate buying guide

Buying a garden gate is not a difficult thing to do. Getting it right the first time with her may be. And there is many factors that can influence making a good purchase. For example, imagine that you have fallen in love with a beautiful iron gate. You buy it and when you go to put it in your garden it turns out that it is bigger than the space you had thought to put it. Or is it smaller. And in the end, you are left with the door and not knowing what to do with it.

So that this does not happen, here we give you the keys so that the purchase is good.


The first thing you should have when buying a door is the size. Not only in height but also in width.

Measure the hole or space where you are going to place the door and that way you will rule out many options in the store (either because they are small or because they are big). Also, you have to consider if you want it to be open at the bottom or completely closed.


Metal, steel, wood, iron… They are four of the usual materials that you can find in garden gates. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but depending on the use you are going to give it, it will be better to choose between them.

For example, wood gives it a more natural and elegant look; but if it is not treated, inclement weather can take its toll on it. On the other hand, metal or steel are resistant (as long as they are treated against the effects of time) but cold and without personality.

Price range

As for the price, we are not going to tell you that they are cheap, because they are not. But not expensive either. In fact, for about 40 euros you can start seeing simple doorsAlmost all of them are made of wood.

On the other hand, yes, there are quite expensive ones. They are the most detailed, with some design on the door, which would raise the garden gate to more than a thousand or two thousand euros.

Where to buy?

garden gates

garden gates

Now that you have discovered the keys to buying garden gates quickly, effectively and, above all, to make it work for you, it is time to get to know some stores where you can buy.

Do we recommend stores? Here you have them.

The Amazon

Our first recommendation is Amazon because today almost everyone goes first to look at this store. We cannot say that there is much variety, compared to other products, but the good thing is that It offers you sellers from practically all over the world and that implies original models or that perhaps you have never seen.


Searching in Bricomart garden doors the only results that it throws us are five options, all of them metallic, which may be what you need.

Neither does anything come out as garden fences nor do they have a category of exterior or garden gates.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin the doors are mixed with the accessories, so if you look closely there will not be so many options to choose from (it happens the same as Amazon).

Still, you have different options although it does not offer you garden gates as such but rather fences (It is perhaps the closest thing to what is used in the garden).

Second hand

Another option that you can use is Second Hand, that is, give a second life to gates that have been used but can be used for your garden.

Prices are usually cheaper than if they were new and you just have to make sure that they are in good condition and that they can be used or minimally adapted to your garden.

Whichever option you choose, now you know everything about choosing garden gates to close off the space, whether you have pets or small children. Do you opt for any?

How to buy some garden gates

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