Solar garden: what is it, characteristics, advantages and how to build one

homemade solar garden

Today we can have a garden to plant our crops using renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the most advanced in terms of technology and most widely used worldwide. Its potential is enormous and there are different ways to supply yourself with this energy source. If we want to harness the energy of the sun to supply energy to our crops, we can build a solar farm. The solar garden has many advantages when it comes to managing your profitability.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you all the characteristics, advantages and uses of the solar garden.

Solar energy operation

solar panels at home

solar panels at home

The first of all is to remember how solar energy works to be able to implement it in our garden. And it is that solar energy is that which, as its name indicates, comes from the sun. The sun emits a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation that defends some variables such as wind, precipitation and amount of clouds. As so much energy comes from the sun, we try to make the most of it. It is a type of clean energy that does not pollute either during its generation or during its use. In addition, it has an inexhaustible character since it is one of the most resistant natural resources. It has incredibly effective advantages such as not generating waste or emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Climate change is one of the serious problems facing human beings in this century. With the help of solar energy we are going to reduce the impacts that we generate by promoting the fight against climate change. So much energy comes from the sun that we try to take advantage of all that we can. Its convenient origin is that sunlight is intermittent and always reaches all areas of the planet with the same intensity. Despite this, Spain has great potential for solar energy thanks to its geolocation. We are located in an area of ​​the planet where a large amount of solar rays arrive with a certain degree of inclination that allows to take full advantage of this electromagnetic energya.

Added to this is our pleasant climate. We have a climate with a relatively low rainfall regime and not too much cloudiness. At the end of the year we have many sunny days that can be used to generate renewable energy.

What is a solar garden

solar panels to place at home

solar panels to place at home

Now we do enter fully to define what a solar garden is. It is an enclosure or space with large dimensions in which it is possible to have small photovoltaic installations to be able to generate solar energy that serves both for own consumption and to sell light to the electricity grid. In this way, we can have a solar garden in a home garden. These installations were carried out near the meadows or fields that have an alignment and have hardly any unevenness. In this way we manage to take advantage of the maximum amount of solar radiation that falls on the earth’s surface.

The best place to place the installation is to move it away from the big cities, buildings so that you can take full advantage of the incidence of solar rays are the photovoltaic panels. What’s more, a solar garden in an urban area can cause loss of developable land and a destruction of the landscape. When we talk about solar gardens, it can be thought that the total energy generated serves to satisfy a family. It is that it is much better. It is estimated that a solar garden of considerable dimensions can generate electricity consumption to supply the energy needs of up to 100 families.

Advantages of the solar garden

large-scale solar garden

large scale solar farm

Let’s see what are the advantages of the solar garden to get used to the idea:

  • Using solar energy in our garden is a great advantage since It does not pollute. We know that our planet is in continuous deterioration due to phenomena such as climate change and the increase in the greenhouse effect. In this way, we are looking for an energy alternative that does not pollute. The main advantage is that fossil raw materials are not needed and no harmful substances are expelled into the atmosphere.
  • It is a renewable energy. The energy that comes from the sun and has no limits. It is not a type of unlimited energy, but there is no type of concern about its depletion in the future.
  • Low cost: the cost of production and maintenance when producing renewable energy is of vital importance. With the technological development of the middle of the solar day, great successes have been achieved. Although it initially requires a high cost per investment, once that investment has been made, it is relatively easy to recoup it.
  • Improves energy transmission networks: The infrastructure necessary to transport energy from the solar farm to the transmission grid has been financed many times by various developers who are building in the solar park next to the orchard. All this generates a relevant economic advantage.
  • Solar energy is a type of innovative energy. Every year more people prefer to use this type of energy to supply their homes. In addition, governments and companies are giving more importance to energy that can be used more and has a future. It must be remembered that Spain has many hours of sunshine a year and this potential can help reduce costs and make the return on the initial investment achieved in less time.

How to set up your own garden

If you want to have your own solar garden, the first thing you should have is a large plot that can house numerous solar panels. At least you should be able to have about 5 plates. There are many companies in charge of the entire installation or assembly process that meet all the legal requirements required by law in our country.

Once our solar garden has been built, we just have to enjoy the advantages that it gives us to be able to satisfy our energy demand with clean energy and know that we are contributing to the fight against climate change. I hope that with this information you can learn more about what a solar garden is and what its characteristics are.

Solar garden: what is it, characteristics, advantages and how to build one

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