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There are several types of potos

Image – Wikimedia Commons/Joydeep

Did you know that there are different types of pothos? This is an evergreen climbing plant that is widely cultivated indoors, as it adapts very, very well to the conditions that are usually found inside homes. But also, it must be said that its ornamental value is high, really interesting, regardless of the variety of poto it is.

So if you would like to know the names of the most beautiful types of potos and what are their characteristicsDo not hesitate to continue with me so that I can tell you everything you want to know.

Before I begin, let me tell you something that I consider to be very important: Pothos is a climber that belongs to the botanical genus Epipremnum. This is made up of about 40 different species, some of which I am going to show you here.

But also, When cultivating them, it must be taken into account that these are plants of tropical and subtropical origin.which means, for practical purposes, that they should not be left outside if the temperatures drop below zero degrees, otherwise they will die.

5 types of pothos

And with that said, let’s see what are some of the different types of pothos:

Epipremnum is very large

El Epipremnus is the most extensive type of potosEl Epipremnus is the most extensive type of potos

Image – Wikimedia/coenobite

He Epipremnum is very large It is a climber native to Southeast Asia. It differs from the other pothos because it has much more elongated leaves.as well as a very marked central vein that goes from the petiole to the tip of said leaf.

Epipremnum aureum

Pothos neon has yellowish green leavesPothos neon has yellowish green leaves

Imagen – Wikimedia/Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

He Epipremnum aureum it is the most popular potos of all. It is a species native to Southeast Asia that has heart-shaped leaves that are green, or green with some yellow-green spots. It can reach 20 meters in height, and its stems can measure about 3-4 centimeters thick. once the plant reaches adulthood.

Different cultivars have been obtained from this species, which are:

  • Golden Pothos: the golden poto or potus. It is the one with the green and yellow leaves; that is, variegated.
  • Marble Queen: It is similar to the previous one, but instead of being green and yellow, they are green and white.
  • Neon: also called Lemon. It has yellowish leaves.

Epipremnum carolinense

He Epipremnum carolinense It is a very rare species, native to the Caroline Islands (in the western Pacific Ocean), as well as part of Micronesia (Oceania) and Palau. It is an evergreen climber that has green leaves, with a well-defined tip.and entire margins.

A giant epipremnum

The Epipremnum giganteum is a perennial climberThe Epipremnum giganteum is a perennial climber

Imagen – Flickr/Tony Rodd

He A giant epipremnum is a climber native to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore. His last name says it all: he is very, very big. It can reach a height of 25 meters or more, and it also has huge leaves: up to 90 centimeters long by 25 centimeters wide.. The inflorescence is also something that stands out a lot in this species, since it is solitary, it is about 15-20 centimeters long, and therefore it is well distinguished between the leaves.

Epipremnum pinnate

Epipremnum pinnatum has pinnate leaves.Epipremnum pinnatum has pinnate leaves.

Image – Wikimedia Commons/Ong Jyh Seng

He Epipremnum pinnate it is the pothos known as dragon tail plant, tonga vine or centipede. It is native to Australia, but also to Asia where it is found in Japan, China or Taiwan. Reaches 15 meters in height, and as its surname indicates, it has pinnate leaves. In addition, these are shaped like a spear or a heart, and are dark green in color.

What uses do the different types of potos have?

Pothos is a plant that is used, above all, as ornamental plant. In the Old Continent it is cultivated a lot inside the house, as well as workplaces (hotels, offices, restaurants, etc.). And it is that it is a climber that looks good anywhere, and that also adapts wonderfully as long as there is enough light.

But in their places of origin they have other uses. For example, the aerial roots of the Epipremnum pinnate are consumed by pregnant women in Vanuatu to give birth to their children more easily.

Now, it is important to note that the pots are toxic if consumed, especially for dogs and cats as they contain calcium oxalate. That is why we DO NOT recommend having one if there are pets and/or small children at home, unless they are kept out of their reach (for example, in a pot hanging from the ceiling).

Where to buy?

Pothos is a very common plant, but it is true that if you want to buy a cultivar it will surely be much easier for you to get it in online stores specializing in tropical indoor plants. But if you want to get a variegated pothos, you can get it from here:


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pot types

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