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A few days ago I told you about Arnaud delbarda third generation French rose growers who developed the perfect rose: Only Lyon, a resistant flower with large petals and a powerful aroma.

Designing it has not been something simple, the art of growing roses requires specific knowledge and care and everyone who has a rose bush at home knows it. But this man has overcome many barriers to finally hit the mark.

The work of designing roses

In 1849 Jean-Baptiste Guillot created “La France”, a very particular rose as it was the first born from different tea blends. It is a large rose that crowns a long stem.

Already at the end of the 13th century and after experimenting for XNUMX years, Joseph Pernet-Ducher created the first yellow rose in history, which was baptized as “Golden Sun”.

Grow roses

The Delbards are famous in France, a country that is a leader in the growing garden roses despite the fact that the conditions of the place do not favor the cultivation and therefore, in many cases, it is necessary to produce the flowers in other warmer countries. The family creates about 150 thousand new varieties of rose a year although they only keep a small number and the rest are distributed to other growing countries.

In search of the most aromatic rose

To design your Only LyonArnaud Delbard develops an intense previous work. Study possible associations in a collection of thousands of rbears of different origins and with different characteristics.

Finally, choose two varieties that pass into the hands of Catherine Morgea researcher from central France who has been working on these crops for 20 years. She takes care of “castrating the rose”, removing the petals and stamens to clear the pistil and then fill it with pollen of another variety.

Pink Only Lyon

The product is a fruit that contains dozens of seeds, which will then be planted and tested for several years. The most difficult point is to give the aroma to these flowers that are presented in the face of a paradox: the flowers must have resistant petals in order to withstand distances and transfers but, in turn, the perfect aroma comes from the molecular decomposition of soft and not resistant petals. For Delbard, this is an almost impossible point to resolve.

Grow designer roses | Gardening On

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