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Origin of the name

In Western Europe, this fragile flower is one of the symbols of Christmas.

Enthusiastic about flowering in the middle of winter, they gave the plant the names “Christmas rose”, “Winter rose”.

However, this plant has nothing to do with roses. This is a chemernyk or a winter plant (Russian helleborus or tracing paper from the English helleborus). In Germany, a wintergreen flower in a pot is a traditional Christmas gift.

Due to its flowering in spring, the plant is called “Rose of the Easter Lent”, according to the legend of the little shepherd.

He wept in despair that there were no gifts for the born Jesus.

These beautiful flowers appeared on the very spot where his tears fell.

As a result, the boy collected and brought as a gift to the baby Christ, the winter plant is called in Europe “Christ’s rose”, “Jesus’ rose”

Freezer description

Wintergreen belongs to the Ranunculaceae family.

The genus Helleborus (Helleborus) includes about 20 species.

In nature, wintergreen grows in the foothills, as well as in forests and meadows.

In addition, wintergreens are very decorative not only during flowering.

They have large dark green leaves with a lacquered sheen, cut into several parts.

Many with hellebore are evergreen. Freezers reach a height of 30 to 70 cm. Gardens are usually grown not natural, but garden hybrids, which botanists refer to as a collective species of garden origin — Helleborus hybrid (Helleborus hybridus).

Varieties of hybrid wintergreen

Hybrids of the Lady series were bred in Germany – with stripes and exotic patterns (Red Lady, White Spotted Lady, Blue Lady, Yellow Lady…)

Hellebores from Holland ‘Potters Wheel’ are considered the largest varieties.

Sortoseries Double Ellen

It is distinguished by large terry flowers over 7 cm, bright colors, the height of the bush and shiny leaves.

Among this series, purple and yellow are especially interesting. (Double Ellen Pink Spotted, Double Ellen White Spotted, Double Ellen Red, Double Ellen Purple)

Hybrids originating from the Eastern Wintergreen are smaller in size and are used in pots on balconies.

Сортосерія Prince (‘Prince White’, Prince Yellow, Prince Red, Prince Pink)

A beautiful series with compact bushes that are ideal for planting in pots. They form a very large number of flowers. They are well combined in a flower bed with tulips.

The Helleborus Gold Collection variety series

Europe is now being conquered by Helleborus Gold Collection (indicated as HGC in the name of the variety) – “Golden Collection of Hellebores”. These representatives of the new selection grow extremely fast and bloom fantastically profusely, but it should be taken into account that constant mineral nutrition plays a decisive role for their “prosperity.

Hellebore care

To make your hellebore feel at home in your garden, choose a place for it with lacy, light shade. For example, under trees and bushes.

Such cozy corners hide another bonus: here, in the company of our plant, you can plant other early blooming plants (snowdrops, muscari, chiodox, crocuses, botanical tulips).

“Snow King” likes loose, humus-rich soil, so before planting it should be filled with compost. After that, regularly add peat with the addition of ground limestone or eggshell to the bushes.

I plant hellebore in a permanent place under a sprawling old apple tree, as a result, they are in the shade in the summer, and in winter, when the hellebore actually blooms, they get enough light.

I have hostas, dicenters, and miniature daylilies growing with hellebore.

I usually buy hellebore seedlings in the fall, which are admired on the balcony in the winter, and in the spring I plant them in a permanent place. In one place, wintergreen can grow up to 20 years.

Sincerely, experienced gardener, Olesya.

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Published: 16.11.2019

Frostbite – an extraordinary flower – “Blog Florium.yua” 2023

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