How to buy some garden torches

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Have you seen a movie or a series in which they have garden torches to illuminate at night? Have you fallen in love with them? Then you are lucky because they can be bought.

But which are the best? What should you take into account to buy them? Here we offer you a buying guide for garden torches. Take advantage of it!

Top 1. The best garden torch


  • Made of bamboo.
  • Secure system.
  • Very decorative.


  • Very short.
  • And problems turning them on.
  • You have to be careful with the oil.

Selection of outdoor torches

Discover a selection of outdoor torches that may be what you were looking for.

2 Stainless Steel Outdoor or Garden Torches

Made of steel, it has a child resistant closure and fiberglass wicks. The tank that it has lasts 5-6 hours on and they are also anti-mosquitoes if, in addition to the oil, a few drops of citronella oil are added.

Of course, they sell them without the fuel.

High quality stainless steel solar garden lights

It is a pack of six led lights in the form of torches that will be charged by the sun itself. I know turn on when they detect darkness and at dawn they turn off by themselves.

The only thing is that they are smaller than others.

Solar Garden Flame Lights

It is four pieces of IP65-rated torches, which do not need wiring but only sunlight to charge and give light about 12 hours.

The useful life of the LEDs It will last 30.000 hours.

Ruyilam Llama Outdoor Solar Light, 4 Pack

They have an automatic on and off. Is it so Made of ABS material and IP65 rated which makes them waterproof.

They can not only be placed in the garden but can also be placed on the walls.

Tooklanet Solar Flame

It is a pack of four torches with which to create an intimate and very beautiful atmosphere in the garden. need between 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to charge and in return they offer light for 6-10 hours.

They are waterproof and dustproof, being resistant to rain, hail, heat or snow.

Garden Torch Buying Guide

Are you interested in buying a garden torch? So, before launching to buy the one that you see the most beautiful, it is important that you look at several keys that you must take into account so that the purchase is not a mistake.

The most important are the following:


The size of the torch is a point for or against. For example, if you want to put them to illuminate the path, they do not need to be very tall, because they would also cast a shadow on the path. Short ones would be best.

But if you prefer to illuminate a more remote area, the long ones are the most indicated. Above all, keep in mind what is the point you want to really illuminate to do it properly.


In the market there are three large groups of garden torches. On one hand, we have the solar, that are wireless and do not need to be recharged but will do so only with sunlight. Now, the problem is that if you place them in a shaded area they will not be able to illuminate properly.

On the other hand, there are electricalwhich are usually wireless, but you have to remove the battery, or the torch itself, to be able to recharge them.

And finally, we would have the of oilthat is, they use fuel to ignite. Of all of them, they are the most dangerous because we are talking about a real flame that could cause an accident or a fire.

Price range

Garden torches are not very expensive. You can find some from 25 eurosand they almost always come in a pack, which means they are even cheaper. Depending on the size and type you choose, the price can go up more or less.

How long does a burning torch last?

Depending on the type of garden torch you buy, the hours it will last will vary. And it is that one solar can last 6-12 hours on and illuminating; a electrical could span 6-8 hours. And in those of fuelwhich are the ones that would last the least, will last between 4 and 6 hours (everything will depend on the deposit they have).

How do you put out a garden torch?

When it comes to putting out the garden torches again we have to take into account the type. Many of them are automatic, that is, they turn on and off by themselves. Normally, when they detect darkness (or that there is not enough light) they turn on and, as they see light, they turn off.

But this it does not happen with the fuel ones, which you will have to turn off yourself. The options can be blowing, or placing a cap or similar so that the flame goes out. Using water is not recommended because it will soak the wick, but it can also get into the reservoir and cause it to malfunction.

What do you put in garden torches?

If you finally decide on a fuel garden torch, the best one you can use is the paraffin oil because it is denser and that makes it even safer. For example, if it falls, the oil does not splash so, in the event of an accident, you can act faster and suffocate the problem.

Where to buy?

buy garden torches

buy garden torches

If you are already wanting to have torches in your garden to illuminate or create intimate environments, here are some stores that have models of them.

The Amazon

It is our first choice because it will be where you will find more models and some of them very original each. In addition, there are various prices (even between the same models).


In Carrefour something similar to Amazon happens. And you can find many models, even from third-party sellersso you will have more variety to choose from.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin has an exclusive section for selling garden torches. However, in terms of models we cannot say that there are many. Only have four articles that differ by the height of the cane.


Ikea does not currently have garden torches on its website, which is not to say that some of its stores do. It’s a matter of asking or waiting for spring or summer where they usually bring more items related to the outside.

Do you already know which garden torch you are going to buy?

How to buy some garden torches

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