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Surprising Vegetables that Help Improve Tomato Production

Tomatoes are a staple in many households, but they can be difficult to grow. There are a number of vegetables that can help improve tomato production. Some of these surprising vegetables include carrots, beets, and celery. Each of these vegetables offer different benefits to tomato production, which can help improve yields and reduce the need […]

companion planting: the benefits of growing plants together

companion planting has long been used as a way to improve the soil and increase crop yields. There are many benefits to growing plants together, including reducing chances of pests and diseases, improving nutrient uptake, and increasing the effectiveness of repellents. By pairing complementary plants together, gardeners can create habitats that promote beneficial insects, microbes, […]

What is a biennial plant

Depending on their life cycle, plants can be perennial, that is, they produce seeds every season, or seasonal. Why are they so different? Because of the evolution followed by each of the species. The climate, the soil, the altitude above sea level, and even the availability of candidate pollinators are factors that have made a plant life expectancy […]

Tomato alternaria, what it is and how it is controlled

It is normal for the tomato crop to be affected by numerous diseases, pests and viruses; Among these is the ascomycete fungus known as ” alternaria “, which consists of a decomposition that affects the appearance of the plant. In this post, we will be talking about what tomato alternaria is , the symptoms it produces and its treatment, as well as […]

Are conifers trees?

In general, there is no doubt about what a tree, a palm or a cactus is, but when you start to investigate a little more and discover the evolution that each type of plant has had, you realize that, although they can be very similar, they have important differences that make them unique . Bearing this in […]

Selection of fruits and vegetables for the fall season

For each season of the year there are fruits and vegetables that are in season. About a month ago autumn came and now fruits and vegetables of this season are coming. Do you want to know what fruits and vegetables to consume on these dates? Index 1 Autumn Fruits 1.1 Avocado 1.2 Khaki 1.3 Grenade 1.4 Custard apple 1.5 kiwi 1.6 apple 1.7 Grape 2 Autumn […]

Plant pest prevention

Plants, throughout their lives, will be affected by a series of pests that will test their adaptation to the environment and their survival. When they are cultivated, we provide them, or at least we try to, all the care they need in order for them to grow strong and, above all, healthy. But sometimes this is […]

What are the best fertilizers for cherry trees?

The cherry tree is a deciduous fruit tree that is really beautiful . During spring, its cheerful flowers sprout, in summer and autumn its fruits appear which, in addition to being edible, increase the ornamental value of the plant, and towards mid-autumn its leaves turn a very striking orange color before falling. For all these reasons, there […]

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