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Types of onion

Onion is undoubtedly one of the most widespread foods in the world, since is present in the cuisine of the five Continents. Hence the importance of knowing the different types of onions, their characteristics and uses. These aspects are of utmost importance when choosing the most appropriate for its texture, color and flavor, although in culinary […]

Classification of Vegetables, by families

Grasses, liliaceae, legumes, quenopodiaceae, aizoaceae … Ufff, if you don’t have previous knowledge of botany or gardening, at first you are lost. When in a manual or in a post they say: “don’t associate it with cucurbits”, how? Well, I didn’t mean to do it, but … what are we talking about? Well we talk […]

Colored Corn (Glass Gem)

Glass Gem is how this variety of corn is known that has a very peculiar characteristic, and that is its grains develop in different colors, varying between blue, green, red, purple and black, among others. The colorful corn dates back to a territory that is now known as Oklahoma, where Carl Barnes, farmer and breeder, having […]

Male banana

The plant known as plantain It is a giant herb or megaforbia that, although it is not cultivated as much as other species, it can still be seen in nurseries and, therefore, also in gardens. And it is that its beauty… it is not for less. In addition, its growth rate is fastQuite actually if you have a […]

How to plant lettuce?

How to plant lettuce? These vegetables must be one of the most cultivated both in the garden and in pots, and it is that in just three months they are really delicious in salads. But, to take advantage of the season well, it is important to know what steps to follow to plant them, since this […]


It is one of the most appreciated fruits of the summer, but… did you know that there are certain varieties that are harvested in spring? Even if you have a greenhouse you can extend the season even more, and enjoy its flavor in winter too. The truth is that I, who am a person who […]

Pear melon

The pear melon It is a somewhat unknown futa and it is that when the temperatures begin to rise and summer approaches, the heat brings with it a change in customs that includes the way of dressing and the food to be consumed. Fruits and vegetables with high water content are ideal for heat that provide vitamins and minerals, […]

How to tie tomato plants?

How to tie tomato plants? These plants grow very fast, and it must also be borne in mind that they are usually very productive, which is undoubtedly a reason for joy. But … the branches they have may not support the weight of so many tomatoes, so it is very important to train them when they […]

What is the slimy onion?

Did you know that there are many types of onions? One of the most interesting is the one known as slimy onion, because from it the so-called calçots are obtained next year. So if you want to know what are its characteristics and growing needs, then you will discover all this and something more. Table of Contents […]

Grow hops and enjoy craft beer

Today the production of craft beer is fashionable and that is why we talk about hop, One main beer ingredients. Few know that this plant hides great virtues: in ancient Rome it was used to alleviate digestive disorders while in China it was used to cure tuberculosis and leprosy. Originally from eastern Europe, today it is widely […]

What is the four-year rotation?

Have you heard of the four-year rotation? This system, also known as the Norfolk System because it is there, in Norfolk (England), where its creator put it into practice a few years ago, specifically, between 1730 and 1740. To this day it is still used; Not surprisingly, it is a very interesting method that allows us […]


El radish It is the root of a horticultural plant that grows very well both in the garden and in pots, as long as the latter are wide and above all deep. But What are your needs? What do you have to take into account to get at least decent harvest Origin and characteristics Image – Wikimedia / Prenn […]

What are turnip greens?

Typical foods are essential to get into the atmosphere. Nothing like a traditional food to evoke all the charm of a specific time of year or celebration. In Galicia it is usually given to the neighbors in the winter months and especially in the carnival season a bunch of turnip greens, being the pork shoulder with turnip greens […]

Citron squash 

Cucurbits are fruits very widespread throughout the world and there are many varieties. You will find the pumpkin, watermelon, cucumbers and melons, all belonging to this family of creepers whose fruits are characterized by having abundant water, potassium, beta-carotene and micro vitamins. Once winter is beginning to wind down it is time to plan planting for […]

Passion fruit

La passion fruit It is a very useful tropical-looking climber: it produces beautiful flowers and its fruits are also edible. The growth rate is fast, so having it covering, for example, a pergola is a very interesting option 😉. But How to have it well cared for? If you are wondering this, it is because you have probably just […]

White truffle

There are little whims and delicacies that we have from time to time and then there is the white truffle. It is probably one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. Its scientific name is Tuber magnamatum Peak and it is also known by the name of tartufo bianco. It is considered one of the most […]


Today we are going to talk about a legume species that is well known and cultivated throughout the world. It is about the beans or beans. The scientific name is Phaseolus and it has other common names like beans, beans, and beans. It belongs to the legume family and comes from America. It is quite widespread throughout […]

Blue corn

Have you heard of blue corn? In Latin America it is quite common, but in the rest of the world… it is very difficult to find it. Despite that, its cultivation is very simple; not in vain, they are produced by the same species zea mays. This is a very fast growing herb that loves the sun […]

Chinese potato

There are many types of vegetables, and one of the most curious is known as the Chinese potato. It is produced by a plant in the pumpkin family, and it is very easy to grow. In addition, it has a mild flavor, very easy to eat as the pulp is generally soft. Do you want […]

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