Tuberose (poliantes) – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

The origin of tuberose (polyanthesus)

This fragrant plant comes from Mexico. Outside of central and southern Mexico, tuberose is no longer found in the wild. The Aztecs flavored an alcoholic drink, “chocolatl”, dedicated to the gods. This flower came to Spain in the 16th century among the trophies of Hernán Cortés, who conquered the Aztec and Mayan empires. In the 17th century, this flower ended up in France through Holland and spread to India, North Africa, and Asia.

Tuberoses (Polyantes) were the favorites of the French king Louis XIV. He ordered this flower to be planted in the flower gardens of the Grand Trianon in Versailles. Tuberose was grown in clay pots and planted in pots directly in the ground.

Polyanthes was also part of Queen Antoinette’s favorite perfume. They were called “Le Bouquet Aux Mille Fleurs” (Bouquet of a thousand flowers). The essential oil of the plant is also widely used in the modern perfumery industry. Perfumes with notes of tuberose were produced by such famous brands as “Gucci” and “Dior”. In Europe for a long time this plant was known as “hyacinth from India”, because America was considered India. In India and Bangladesh, polyanthes is used to make flower garlands that are offered to the gods or used as wedding decorations.

In addition, this flower is used during funeral processions. Interesting local names of polyanthes are “St. Joseph’s staff” in Spain. In its homeland, in America, it is known among indigenous peoples as “bone flower”, in the Philippines – as “azucena”, which means “white lily”, in India – “Rajnigandha” – “queen of aromas. there is also a variant – “queen of the night”, in Bangladesh it is called “Rojoni-Gondha”, which means “queen of aromas. In Bangalore and elsewhere in southern India, tuberose is known as ‘Sugandaraja’, which translates to ‘king of fragrances’ or ‘king of scents’. In Thailand, it is called “Son glin”, which translates as “shore of smell”.

Description of tuberosi (polyantesu)

The species was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753 as Polianhes tuberosa. In 1790, Friedrich Casimir Medicus transferred the species to the genus Tuberosa as Tuberosa amica. Modern molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that Polyanthes is a related genus of Agave, to which Polyanthes has now been transferred.

The scientific name of the plant is Polianthes tuberosa (Polianthes tuberosa) formed by the type of root system (Latin tuberosa, which is derived from tuber – tuber).

Among the variety of polyanthes tuberous varieties, the most popular variety with the romantic name The Pearl with terry wax-like flowers of white color, growing up to 60-70 cm in height.

Planting and growing tuberose (polyanthesus)

Currently, it is grown in many tropical and subtropical countries. The smell is reminiscent of lily, gladiolus and narcissus at the same time.
Tuberoses can be grown in open ground in hardiness zones 8-10, where the temperature does not drop below 10° Celsius. In Ukraine, polyanthes can be grown only by digging out for the winter.

For flowering plants need about 4 months of warm temperature from the moment the rhizome is planted. Therefore, around March, tuberose tubers are planted in a pot for growing. When the threat of frost passes (usually in May), the plant is carefully transferred from the pot to the open ground.

They are planted to a depth of 3-5 cm. If you deepen even more, the quality of flowering decreases. But at the same time, tubers of large fractions will be more.

Therefore, decide in advance what is more important to you.

Either long-lasting powerful flowering, or still propagated planting material). Flowering begins around July. After the leaves begin to turn yellow in October, it should be pruned, the rhizomes dug up and stored for the winter in a cool, dry and dark place.

Can be damaged by spider mites, thrips, aphids.

Means of control – Aktara or another insecticide. It can also get gray rot, which is treated with fungicides.

I hope that this gift of Mexico will definitely settle on your balcony or garden.

Bulbs of polyanthes, lilies and other crops of the best quality can be bought in the Florium online store.

Sincerely, experienced gardener, Olesya.

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Published: 07.01.2020

Tuberose (poliantes) – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

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